100+ Christmas Crafts for Kids – Tons of Art and Crafting Ideas

Ready for some Christmas crafting with your kids? We have a whole bunch of easy Christmas Crafts for Kids, from simple art ideas to wonderful handmade ornaments and gifts kids can make. With over 100 ideas to choose from you will find just the right craft to make with your kids.

We think crafting at home is all about making memories, many most treasured childhood memories come from arts and crafts sessions with family or close ones.

Looking for Christmas crafts for kids? We have a festive collection of crafts and ideas to keep the kids bussy through Christams holidays.

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Kids love Christmas crafting, from making homemade Christmas cards to giving them to their grandparents, making unique DIY Christmas ornaments and hanging them on the tree and making wonderful handmade gifts for other family members.

Our favorite picks – Christmas Crafts for Kids – Ideas for all ages

Ready to plan your arts and crafts for the season? These are some of our most popular Christmas crafts for kids that have been tried and tested by thousands of parents all over the globe.

We are super happy to help you out as we have a ton of festive projects for all ages, from the little hands to children at heart (we all should be!).

Cute Christmas Tree Craft

Christmas Tree Craft with Pom Poms

Can you think of a cuter way to use up pom poms? We sure can’t. This adorable Christmas creation is easy to make and will look amazing displayed on a wall.

See how to make this adorable Christmas tree craft.

Toilet Paper Roll Santa Pants

Why make a toilet paper roll Santa when you can make his pants that look a whole lot more fun.

See our tutorial for making toilet paper roll Santa pants.

Clothespin Snowmen

Snowman Clothespin

These are really easy to make and can be used as a decoration, ornament, or a “just because” craft. If you are making gifts for the classroom, decorating them with one of these will melt your kid’s hearts.

See how to make these adorable clothespin snowmen.

Santa Laundry

Easy Christmas Paper Craft

Santa needs to do laundry just like anyone else. This one is a huge hit with kids – it can be used as a seasonal greetings card, a bulletin board display…

See how to make this craft (and grab the template)

Yarn wrapped trees

Yarn Wraped Christmas Tree Ornament

These adorable little Christmas trees are great for fine motor skills. Add a string to them and transform them into an ornament.

See how to make this festive craft here.

Yarn hats

Mini Yarn Hat Ornament

The mini yarn hats are really fun to make and look amazing hanging on branches of your tree.

Learn how to make mini yarn hat ornaments here.

Sock Snowman

No-Sew Sock Snowman Craft

If you have an odd (white) sock laying around why not transform it into the most adorable snowman? This one makes the best DIY Christmas gift.

Learn how to make a no-sew sock snowman.

Salt dough Santa – A classic Christmas craft

Fun Handprint Santa Salt Dough Ornament

Making salt dough ornaments is a Christmas activity that has been done through the generations. It’s a low cost activity that will let your kids make keepsakes that will be treasured for years to come.

Learn how to make handprint Santa keepsake.

Christmas Puppets

Adorable Christmas Printable Puppets

The printable Christmas puppets from our membership library.

Photo Craft Articulated Dolls

Movable Paper Doll Christmas Photo Craft

Christmas time is a great time of the year to make photo crafts. Snap a photo of your kid or have a photo session in your classroom and make these cool articulated dolls.

See how to make them (and grab the template)

3D Christmas Card

3D Paper Ornament Christmas Card Idea

You can’t have a list of Christmas crafts for kids without a few (or a ton) of cool DIY cards. This 3D bauble card is one of our favorites.

See how to make this card here.

Red Nosed Reindeer

3D Construction Paper Reindeer Craft

Reindeer are so fun to make and this one looks fantastic.

Check the step by step tutorial. 

Cute as a Button Trees

Perfect for preschool and kindergarten, these trees are not only cute but also give your kids great fine motor skill exercises.

Check out how we made them and grab the free printable templates.

Natural Christmas Tree Card

Easy and Beautiful Natural Christmas Card Idea

In times when most Christmas trees are artificial, it’s great to add a touch of nature to your Christmas crafts.

See how we made this natural Christmas card.

Craft sticks and Pom Poms Ornaments

Use craft sticks and pom poms to make the sweetest little Christmas ornaments with your kids.

See the tutorial here.

Santa Claus Christmas Crafts for Kids

This section is all about crafting different kids of Santa with your kids – from simple craft ideas for toddlers to bigger projects older kids will love.

Printable Santa Paper Puppet Craft for Kids to Make

Looking to add some festive fun to your holiday season?

Check out this Printable Santa Paper Puppet

Paper plate Santa

Fun Paper Plate Santa Craft

Transform an ordinary paper plate into a cheerful Santa Claus. With a few simple supplies like paper plates, construction paper, cotton balls, and glue, children can enjoy a fun-filled crafting session while bringing Santa’s merry spirit to life.

See the full paper plate Santa tutorial.

Craft stick Santa

Christmas Craft - Santa made with craft sticks

By simply painting craft sticks, gluing them together, and adding festive embellishments like a Santa hat, white cotton ball beard, and googly eyes, children can create their very own adorable Santa Claus figure.

See how we made ours.

Stuck in a chimney

Santa in Chimney Pop up Card

Delivering Christmas gifts might not always go according to plan and Santa absolutely can get stuck in a chimney.

Make this fun Santa in a chimney card.

Easy Santa Christmas Card

Santa Christmas Card Idea for Kids

It doesn’t take much to make the most gorgeous Christmas card ever. You just need red cardstock, some white paper, black paper and if possible a little bit of gold paper.

Make this Santa Christmas card.

Toilet paper roll windsock

Santa Windsock Toilet Paper Roll Craft for Kids

Keep hoarding the paper rolls before the holidays as they are a versatile craft supply – make these lovely DIY windsocks.

See how we made the Santa windsock.

Santa hats

Paper Plate Santa Hats Craft

Paper plates can be transformed into the coolest-looking Santa hats ever! These can be used either as a DIY Christmas decoration or as a party hat.

See how to make paper plate Santa hats.

Paintbrush Santas

Paintbrush Santa Ornament Craft for Kids

If you have been busy remodeling your home recently, chances are you’re left with a few old paintbrushes. Why not upcycle them and turn them into cool-looking decorations?

Check out the paintbrush Santa craft tutorial.

Rocking Santa

Rocking Paper Plate Santa Craft

This is another clever use of paper plates – make a rocking paper plate Christmas craft for kids.

Rocking Santa paper plate craft

Santa Pop up Card

Christmas Pop Up Card Santa Template

This cool Santa pop-up card is just one of the many festive pop-up cards we have on the website.

Check out all Christmas pop-up cards.

Christmas Reindeer Crafts

Reindeer, especially ones with a red nose (looking at you Rudolph) are one of the most popular themes when it comes to Christmas crafts for kids, and here is a selection of our top reindeer crafts.

Paper ball reindeer

Paper Ball Reindeer Craft for Kids

One of our all-time favorite Christmas crafts for kids is these adorable paper strip ball reindeer. You can make just one or make a bunch and string them together to make a festive banner.

See the tutorial for making the paper strips reindeer.

Quarter paper plate reindeer

Paper Plate Reindeer Craft for Kids

These make a great classroom project as they really are frugal – you only need one paper plate to make 4 reindeer.

Check out the paper plate reindeer tutorial.

Reindeer Bookmark

DIY Reindeer Corner Bookmark

Corner bookmarks are a great introduction to origami for kids.

See the step-by-step tutorial for making a reindeer corner bookmark.

Salt Dough Reindeer

Salt Dough Reindeer Ornament for Kids to Make

Turn a footprint into a fun-looking reindeer salt dough ornament.

Paper Rosette Reindeer

Paper Rosette Reindeer Craft

Just a little bit of folding, cutting, and a dab of glue, and you or your kids will be making these fun decorations.

Make this paper rosette reindeer.

Reindeer puppets

Printable Reindeer Paper Puppet Craft for Kids

These paper puppets can be so chatty! Print them out, have the kids color them (biodegradable glitter adds some Christmas magic here), and fold them. The true fun begins once these are assembled.

Check out the printable reindeer puppets.

Easy Paper Plate Reindeer

Reindeer Paper Plate Craft for Kids

This Christmas craft idea is great for toddlers and preschool as it doesn’t require a lot of fine motor skills, especially if you prepare the antlers.

See the paper plate reindeer tutorial.

Easiest Reindeer Christma Card

DIY Reindeer Christmas Card for Kids

Making your own Christmas cards is always a hit when it comes to festive crafting and this reindeer is one of the easiest and most fun cards your kids can make.

Learn how to make this Christmas card.

Toilet Paper Roll Reindeer

Paper Roll Reindeer Craft

Put the most frugal crafting supply to good use.

Make toilet paper roll reindeer.

Unique Card

Cute Paper Reindeer Craft With Free Printable Template

See how to make this reindeer card.

Christmas Ornaments Crafts

When it comes to Christmas crafting for kids (and kids at heart), not many things beat making a DIY Christmas ornament.

The memories of making it, the personal feel and the joy of watching it sit proudly on the X-mas tree.

Even more, you can even make it into a wonderful family tradition, crafting new ones each year and admiring ornaments from previous years.

As this is such a fun project to make, we have a whole section of Christmas Ornaments for kids and kids at heart to make.

Fingerprint Christmas Tree Salt Dough Ornament

Another wonderful X-mas project to make as a family is this fingerprint christmas tree ornament. Make a new one every year, it will be something you will cherish for years to come (great one to include your baby or toddler).

Also here are some of our recent creations;

Christmas Tree Craft Ideas

Make a wonderful little Christmas tree! We have quite a few ideas, some to “replace” a tree (who are we kidding, it’s to add another tree, not replace one ;), some to just craft for the sake of crafting and others that can be used as garlands or ornaments.

We have some of our latest shown here, but you can also browse a larger list (as we do have a ton) of Christmas tree crafts here.

Paper Plate Christmas Tree Craft

One of our favorite projects are these paper plate Christms trees. So fun to make and decorate. This particular one can be a great christmas craft for preschoolers, you will need to make the cone for the tree, but they will love decorating the tree.

Accordion Paper Christmas Tree Craft

Fold paper into an accordion Christmas tree

Santa Claus Christmas Crafts for Kids

Ho, ho, ho marry DIY x-mas! We can’t have a jolly time without the gift bringing white bearded fellow.


Rocking Paper Plate Snowman Craft

Turn paper plates into cool rocking snowmen.


Festive Christmas Crafts for Kids. A ton of Christmas ideas for kids to do.

Christmas Crafts for Kids by Crafting Material

We’ve already shared a whole bunch of easy Christmas crafts by subject and now we are also preparing a section with them ordered in groups of some of your favorite crafting materials (coming soon).

Festive Christmas Crafts for Kids to Make