Free Printable Christmas Ornaments Coloring Pages

Let your kids or yourself dive into the holiday season with our collection of free printable Christmas ornaments coloring pages, from simple baubles to intricate ornaments.

Unleash your coloring genius as you discover a wide variety of charming patterned ornaments just waiting to be brought to life with your kid’s favorite crayons or pens.

Gather your coloring pens, sprinkle some biodegradable glitter, wield your glue with flair, and embark on the journey of coloring your unique Christmas decorations.

Printable Christmas Ornaments Coloring Pages

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Free Printable Christmas Ornaments Coloring Pages

Our collection of printable Christma ornaments coloring pages range from simple outlines and patterned ornaments for little kids to more challenging designs and baubles for older kids and adults to color in.

We are sure you will find quite a few of them that you or your kids will like; we’ve also got a whole bunch of other Christmas coloring pages that you can grab as well.

We’re sharing the 15 printable Christmas bauble coloring pages for free. Click the “Get it here” button below each image to easily print the corresponding PDF sheets.

Happy Bear Christmas Ornament Coloring Sheet

Picture of a Bear Ornament for Christmas Tree to Color

Kids will love to color this smiling bear Christmas ornament!

Simple Christmas Bauble Coloring Page

Big Christmas Ornament with Swirls for Coloring

Dive into the holiday spirit with this classic bauble, waiting for your kids’ creative touch. Have them add their favorite colors and make it shine!

Happy Three Christmas Ornaments

Santa Penguin and Reindeer Christmas Ornament Illustration to Color

Look at how these three festive characters transformed into Christmas ornaments – have kids color them however they want.

Intricate Christmas Ornaments Sheet to Color

Intricate Christmas Ornaments for Coloring

If your kids prefer a coloring sheet with more intricate details, we’ve got you covered! These three ornaments feature many tiny parts.

Christmas Ornaments Coloring Page

Christmas Ornaments Coloring Sheet

Celebrate the festive spirit with this pretty page filled with Christmas decorations – let kids add their creative touch and bring it to life with colors.

Easy Christmas Ornaments Coloring Page

Easy Christmas Ornaments Picture to Color

Here is another easy-to-color Christmas ornaments illustration!

Christmas Tree Ornaments for Coloring

Christmas Ornaments and Lights Illustration to Color

These three adorable baubles are waiting for your children’s burst of color! Encourage kids to color every detail, and don’t forget to add a vibrant touch to the Christmas lights.

Christmas Ornaments Image to Color

Christmas Ornaments for Coloring

Have kids color these two ornaments adorned with intricate details – as a festive bonus, a ribbon gracefully trails behind, adding an extra touch of holiday magic.

Happy Christmas Ornament Illustration

Image of Christmas Ornament to Color

We got a jolly smiling ornament with a bow atop it at the center, surrounded by twinkling stars.

Christmas Ornaments Coloring Sheet

Easy to Color Christmas Ornaments

Here is another merry coloring page perfect for all ages! These four easy-to-color Christmas ornaments are each adorned with uncomplicated designs.

Smiling Christmas Ornament

Christmas Ornament Coloring Sheet

Ready for another big one? A single, large ornament takes center stage, featuring a cute smiling face. Have kids bring this jolly character to life with their favorite colors.

Set of Christmas Ornaments to Color

Christmas Ornaments Color Page

This Christmas ornaments coloring page showcases a collection of nine different baubles! Each bauble offers a unique canvas for your kids’ creativity.

Cute Festive Ornaments Coloring Page

Intricate Christmas Ornaments for Coloring

Do you want another ornaments illustration to color? Here are two pretty baubles!

Christmas Tree Ornaments Coloring Page

Christmas Ornaments in a Shape of Xmas Tree for Coloring

How about coloring a cluster of Christmas tree ornaments arranged in the shape of a Christmas tree?

Rudolph the Reindeer Christmas Tree Ornament

Reindeer Christmas Ornament Image to Color

Check out this adorable reindeer Christmas ornament inviting your kids to add their creative touch.

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