Halloween Crafts for Toddlers

With one of our favorite holidays fast approaching and as we know you love arts and craft ideas we put together a list of super easy Halloween crafts for toddlers. So if you want to have a crafting afternoon with your toddler or need a spooky and super easy craft idea to do with a group of toddlers we have just the thing.

Simple Halloween Crafts for Toddlers

We consider toddler age to be from 1 t0 3 years old, and while most of these won’t be a good fit for ages 1, most of them are simple enough for ages 2 do make with some assistance and for ages 3 to make mostly or fully on their own.

Although crafts are geared towards the end product, we hope you will focus on the process and the bonding experience (parents-toddler, or caregiver-toddler).

Main focus for crafting with toddlers should be having fun, although your little ones will be developing fine motor skills as they craft too.

Crafting with toddlers should always be supervised.

Halloween Handprint Crafts for Toddlers

Kids of all ages like to get a little bit messy and this couldn’t be more true for toddlers. Let them dip their hands and feet into white paint (make sure to use non-toxic paint). When it comes to halloween handprint crafts for toddlers we do love when they are child led, more than adult let so we think ghosts are the best thing to make.

Have them press their hands on paper (best to use brown or black paper). They can even smear their hands around as ghost certainly don’t have a uniform shape.

Older toddlers can draw in the facial details while younger ones can use their fingers to make the eyes and mout. Again the messier the more fun.

Handprint crafts make wonderful keepsakes for parents and grandparents.

Handprint Ghost Art

Ghost and Bat handpritn and footprint art

Older toddlers, especially the art inclined ones can get creative with other Halloween monsters too! Bats can be made easily with two handprints, all kind of silly monsters can be created using googly eyes or wiggle eye stickers (and pom poms and more!).

More Handprint Art Ideas for Inspiration

Crafting with Paper Rolls

Paper rolls are another wonderful and inexpensive crafting material (for sanitary reasons if making these crafts in classroom or centres we recommend using paper kitchen towel rolls cut in smaller rolls, for home use, where you have “quality check” under your control – toilet paper rolls are fine).

One of the more creative crafts for toddlers for Halloween are certainly the paper roll monsters. Give them a various, age appropriate, selection of materials and let them create their own silly monsters. Have them paint the rolls and decorate them however they see fit. No right or wrong way of doing these.

Paper Roll Monsters

Potato Stamping Art Idea

Potato stamping is insanely fun! Well stamping in general is! There are many ways you can turn potato stamping into a Halloween crafty experience!

You could make pumpkins, ghosts, monsters,…

Potato Print Monsters

Our favorite are without a doubt – monsters! Cut the potato in half (you can have more in different sizes). Let your kids dip the potatoes in paint or color the potato with a brush and press them down on the paper. Let them make more prints in one or more colors on the sheet of paper.

Give them wiggle eye stickers or googly eyes to glue on the prints. As these are monsters, the number of the eyes on each monster can be as many as they want (or even none). Let them draw legs, antenna or other monstery body parts with a crayon.


These will have to be made in collaboration with a parent or teacher – as the black outline will have to be cut by an adult (exception are scissor savvy toddlers).

Press the black outline (cut from black paper) on the contact paper.

Let the little ones tear the tissue paper (we suggest at least 2 colors) and stick it on the contact paper (fine motor skills). Stick on the window and enjoy throughout the season.

Pumpkin Suncatchers

Paper Plate Halloween Crafts for Toddlers

Paper plate crafting projects are great Halloween crafts for toddlers as they have a nice and big surface to work on and can make all kinds of cute and spooky creations. There is no way to go wrong if you make silly monster faces (no rules here).

Making a mummy is also fun. Paint the paper plate black and glue all over with strips of paper or tape. Stick on two eyes and you have a cool looking mummy.

Paper Collage Art

Tearing paper and sticking it is always fun. You can use all kinds of canvases for this – from paper to paper plates. The easiest project for toddlers are monsters (as anything they make can be a monster) and ghosts. You can use regular paper, construction paper or tissue paper to make this art project.

We have a few wonderful Halloween torn paper art ideas on our website if you need inspiration (for various age groups).

Ghost Torn Paper Art

Cotton Ball Ghosts

Another great material to work with are cotton balls. It’s a fun sensory experience for older toddlers. Ghosts make the perfect subject for this arty activity.


Painting Leaves – a Wonderful Halloween Art Idea for Toddlers

Fall is generous with nature’s crafting materials and as far as halloween craft ideas for toddlers go you sure can utilise leaves! You can turn any leaf into a ghost or a monster, but maple leaf, in our honest opinion looks the best.

Maple Leaf GhostMaking Pet Rock Monster Friends

Out of all the Halloween crafts for toddlers, this one does require a bit of caution as we all know toddlers are well capable of throwing things. However if they are willing, making monster rocks can be a fun crafting activity.

Monster Rock Painting

Shape Monsters – Easy Halloween Crafts for Toddlers for Learning Shapes

Combine crafting with learning. Cut basic shapes out of construction paper and decorate them with all kinds of silly monster body parts. See, Halloween crafts for toddlers can be educational too!

Construction Paper Jack o’Lanterns

This is a low prep activity. If working with younger toddlers you will have to do all the cutting, older toddlers will be able to cut all or most of the paper pieces on their own. Cut the pumpkin shape out of orange construction paper. Cut or tear various shapes out of black paper. You can also cut stips of green paper for legs and arms to make the Jack o’Lantern monsters.

Have the kids glue on facial details on the pumpkin.

Paper Plate Wreaths

Grown ups will have to cut out the center of the paper plate to make the wreath shape (and punch a hole to hang the wreath). Let the little ones paint the soon to be paper plate wreath. They can use brushes or their fingers. Once colored decorate with wiggle eye stickers or googly eyes. Ad some pom poms for warts and you have a wonderful Halloween wreath.

Paint Dripped Pumpkins

There’s something almost magical when it comes to carving pumpkins. Naturally we can’t have toddlers carving pumpkins but we can do the next best thing. Have them paint them. We love dripping paint colored pumpkins. You will need pumpkins (real one or craft pumpkins) and paints that can be squezeed out of a tube (you can fill old ketchup bottles or similar with paint). Have the kids drip paint over the pumpkins. More colors, more fun!

Balloon Printed Monsters

Toddlers do love creating with “non ordinary” paint brushes and balloons sure fit the bill. Dip the balloons (water balloons as they are small) in paint and press them on paper. Add wiggle eye stickers or googly eyes and any other decorations your toddlers sees fit.

Fine Motor Practice Pumpkins Halloween Art for Toddlers

Stamping or painting with various materials is great for fine motor skills practice. Draw or print a pumpkin template and let the little ones color them in. They can use q-tips, corks, do a dot markers or even better, a combination of all of the above.

Footprint Crafts

While this one is generally parent/teacher led, it does make fun keepsakes for parents and grandparents. Most toddlers (older ones) do find the process fun. Some of the monsters and Halloween creations you can make: Frankenstein’s monster, ghost, candy corn…

Halloween Craft Ideas for Toddlers

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