Fan Folded Paper Christmas Tree

It’s time to make a festive fan folded paper Christmas tree! This Christmas tree craft can easily be used either as a decoration or as a wonderful homemade Christmas card.

You only need paper to make one, but your kids can also get even more creative when it comes to decorating their creations.

Easy Fan Folded Paper Christmas Tree Craft

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Who doesn’t love a nice holiday crafting session? We have a ton of Christmas craft ideas on the website and we loved making each and every one of them. There’s just something extra about this holiday and crafts of all kinds make it even more special.

Easy Folded Paper Christmas Tree Craft for Kids

How to Make the Fan Folded Paper Christmas Tree

What you need:

  • paper in various colors
  • scissors
  • glue
  • tissue paper or pom poms (optional)

Step by Step Tutorial

Let’s set the scene! Cut two large circles, one out of blue paper and one out of white paper, they should be the same size.

Make a wavy cut across the blue paper.

Apply glue across white paper and glue it on the heavier background paper (cardstock)

Apply glue on the blue paper and glue it on top of the white one.

You can also make it the other way around, cutting the white paper and sticking it on top of uncut blue paper. You’ve now created the snowy scene.

Cut an elongated rectangle out of brown paper and stick it on the scene (near the bottom). This makes the trunk of our Christmas tree craft.

Next, take a sheet of green paper. Slowly start folding it.

Fold it all the way. Once done, fold the folded paper in half.

Glue or staple together.

You’ve got a fan folded Christmas tree (almost).

Apply glue on one side…

…and stick it onto your winter scene.

It’s time to decorate. You can roll tissue paper into small balls, you can do the same with regular paper or you can use pom poms. Small buttons work too! Glue the little festive baubles on your tree.

Cut a small star out of paper and stick it on top of the tree.

You can also add snowflakes – either use a metallic marker or even better white paint and fingers or Q-tips to create snowflakes.

All done! Your fan folded paper Christmas tree is complete.

Easy Folded Paper Christmas Tree

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