Fall Crafts For Kids – Art and Craft Ideas

As the temperatures drop and leaves on the treas start changing their colors it’s time to share some fall crafts for kids to make! We have quite a collection of crafting ideas for all ages already, so we are sure you will find just the right autumn activity to make with your kids at home or in the classroom.

Fall Crafts For Kids. Fall Art and Craft Ideas for Kids With Printable Craft Templates.

We have quite a variety of fall art and craft ideas for kids, from ones made with nature materials (as there is an abundance of those this time of the year) as well as projects from frugal craft materials you probably have in your home already.

Looking for crafts for specific age group? We are preparing a few collections to get you started:

  • Easy Fall Crafts for Toddlers (ready for you soon)
  • Fall Craft Ideas for Preschoolers (ready for you soon)
  • Fun Autumn Crafts for Kindergarten (ready for you soon)
  • Autumn Craft Ideas for Teens (ready for you soon)

Fall Leaf Crafts

We love getting creative with leaves! There are many art and craft ideas you can make with dried leaves. You can use them as stencils, draw details to make them into hedgehogs (or other cool creations) or paint them to completely transform them (amongst many other great crafting ideas).

Leaf art is great for toddlers, great for preschool fall crafts table, kindergarteners and older kids – you can easily find a project for every age group.

Leaf Hedgehogs Craft for Kids

One of our favourite, super simple projects are these leaf hedgehogs. Cute aren’t they? We welcome you to browse more ideas (we have quite a few, some of our latest are showcased bellow).

Do stop back soon as we have quite a few more planned!

Pine Cone Crafts for Fall

Pinecones are also great for fall crafting with kids. Get out in the nature and pick a few.

Pumpkins and Jack o’Lanterns

Paper Pumpkin Craft

When it comes to autumn craft ideas, all thing pumpkins are a must! Making paper strips pumpkins is one of our favorite fall activities as they are both fun to make and make a great fall garland! Just make a whole bunch and string them on a thread to hang wherever you want.

You can mix them up, and make regular construction paper pumpkins as well as scary (or funny looking) Jack o’Lanterns.

These certainly are not the only idea we have shared on our website, here are a few of our recent favorites.

Hedgehogs Projects for Kids

Hedgehog Painted Rock Art for Kids

Next in line in our fall crafts for kids ideas list are hedgehogs!

If you are a regular visitor to our website, you know I have a thing for hedgehogs (one of my favorite crafting subjects), so I always hardly wait for autumn to get near so that I can create more! These painted rock hedgehogs are one of my personal favorites, and as fall is still warm and for a generous part dry enough to go out on nature walks, gathering rocks can easily be on your list.

No smooth stones nearby? Worry not! There are many more fun hedgehog fall crafts ideas for kids to choose from:

Fox Fall Craft Ideas

Fox Toilet Paper Roll Craft

We continue our collection of fall crafts for kids with yet another fun forest animal theme. Foxes! One of the first projects we ever made were paper roll foxes and this duo is still one of my favorites. Adorable aren’t they?

Owl Fall Crafts for Kids

Great for fall crafting and Halloween crafting – owls! These feathery friends are a great craft for fall, as are other woodland animals.


Sunflower Fall Crafting Ideas

While most flowers are a “thing” of the spring, there is one bright exception – the sunflower!

Scarecrow Fall Crafts for Kids

Scarecrow Mason Jar Craft for Kids

If you are thinking about fall crafts to sell, scarecrow mason jars are a great one! This simple idea is fun both for kids and kids at heart to make and can make the most wonderful autumn decor ever.


Another woodland friend to craft this fall – bear.

Squirrel (soon)

Crafting with Seeds (soon)

Four Seasons

Autumn is a great time of the year to observe changes in nature and talk about four seasons.

Bird Feeders

DIY Teacup Birdfeeder Craft for Little OnesWith the colder months fast approaching, the time to offer a little bit of help to our feathery friends approach too. Birds will appreciate any seeds that come their way so why not make a wonderful DIY bird feeder on your own.

Fun Fall Crafts For Kids