Printable Reindeer Paper Puppet

We just can’t get enough of printable puppets – fun to make and fun to play with, and with festive times just around the corner we are sharing the easiest printable reindeer paper puppet template with you.

Printable Reindeer Paper Puppet Craft. Fun Christmas craft idea for kids to make.

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Now if these puppets aren’t your thing, and you want something that requires even less folding but it’s sure to entertain the kids do print this set of printable Christmas puppets. Trust me, I’ve received a ton of emails and photos of these little fellows and the fun that was had with them.

But let’s get back to the red nosed reindeer at hand (well you can just as easily make a brown nosed one too).

This one is based on the classic paper puppet design that most of you probably know off, but I though it would be handy as a printable template too. Especially for a Christmas party at home or as an activity to do in the classroom around the holidays.

Christmas crafting with your kids is one of the best ways to make memories if you ask me (well, if your kid likes to get crafty or arty) and I really do hope this puppet will be a great invitation for a creative session… And even an inspiration to make a whole bunch of other festive characters.

These are also great to use as party favors at your Christmas party, especially if you’ll have a lot of little kids that need some entertainment.

Ready to make these? Print out our template and let the reindeer making fun begin.

Printable Cute Reindeer Paper Puppet

How to Make a Printable Reindeer Paper Puppet

What you need

  • our printable reindeer paper puppet template which you can grab at the end of this tutorial
  • print paper – I do recommend heavier print paper, regular print paper works too
  • printer
  • coloring supplies – anything from crayons to markers
  • scissors
  • glue

Watch the Video Tutorial


Or Follow These Step by Step Instructions

Print out our template (you can find it at the very end of this tutorial).

I really do recommend heavier print paper as it will make the reindeer paper puppets more durable and easier to “operate”, however folding heavier print paper is a bit harder so might not be the best for younger kids (preschoolers will have issues).

Color in the template. All the parts to color in are big enough for small hands to handle and can be colored with any medium.

You can even make your reindeer puppet even more festive looking by adding glitter accents on the nose. I recommend glitter glue, as we all know regular glitter isn’t for the faint of heart, especially if the bottle falls on the floor :).

Once you have all the pieces of the template colored in, take the one with the body of the reindeer and fold it along the dashed lines. Crease folds. Unfold.

With the side with the print facing the desk, fold into thirds (along the length) – apply glue on the third that is marked with the word glue, and press down the “opposite” third on top of that one. Let the glue set.

Now fold the puppet into a “M” shape. You can already use your puppet as it is now, just push your fingers into the slits.

Time to Decorate your Printable Reindeer Paper Puppet

Cut out the body parts, the ears, antlers and if you wish the legs with the hooves too.

Fold the antlers along the dashed lines apply glue and stick them on the head.

Apply glue on the end of ears and stick them under the head.

If you feel your reindeer paper puppet needs a pair of legs too, do pop them wherever you feel they would look nice.

All done! Time to put up a fun Christmas themed puppet show for your family to enjoy. Who knows, maybe these plays could become your Christmas family tradition.

Happy crafting!

Printable Reindeer Paper Puppet Craft for Kids

Grab Your Printable Reindeer Puppet Template Here

Click here to get it – Reindeer Paper Puppet


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