Printable Christmas Headbands Paper Craft

Surprise your students with these printable Christmas paper headbands! It’s such a sweet way to bring Christmas cheer into your classroom and it will take your classroom party to a whole new level.

You can print the pre-colored ones or print the black and white ones and have the kids color in their own Christmas headband.

Printable Christmas Headbands Paper Craft

Christmas Paper Hats

There are four most popular Christmas characters included.

Santa Christmas Paper Hat Craft

We have the Santa Claus (can’t have Christmas without him).

Reindeer Christmas Paper Hat Craft

A reindeer that helps Santa fly around the world.

Elf Christmas Paper Crown Craft

Then we have the elf, the magical creature responsible for making all the presents.

Gingerbread Man Christmas Paper Hat Craft

And we have the gingerbread man, the tastiest from the Christmas bunch.

Printable Paper Christmas Hats Craft

How to Make Printable Christmas Headbands

What you need:

Step by Step Instructions

If you have printed the black and white Christmas headbands for your students, have them color in the designs before they move to cut out the headbands.

Step 1

Next, have the kids cut out their paper hats.

Step 2

They will also need to cut along the dashed line.

Step 3

Have them apply glue on both ends of the paper hat.

Step 4

Stick on the paper strip on one end.

Step 5

And bring it around (making a circle) and stick it on on the other end, thus completing the paper hat.

Step 6

Get your Christmas Paper Hats Craft Template Here

Christmas Paper Crowns Printable Template

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