Craft Stick Christmas Tree Ornaments (Popsicle Sticks)

If your Christmas tree is already up (or not) and you want to make a fun ornament together with your kids, make these craft stick Christmas tree ornaments! These are so easy to make, plus if your kids have been saving popsicle sticks from summer, this is also a fun recycled craft.

We made these popsicle Christmas tree ornaments with pom poms, but your kids can use anything else really, they can decorate them with their fingertips, stickers, sequin or anything else.

Craft Stick Christmas Tree Ornaments

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Christmas crafts are perfect for bonding over the holidays! You can easily start a new family tradition of each member making one DIY Christmas tree ornament to hang on the tree. This way your tree will look more amazing every year, and many great memories will be made.

Craft Stick Christmas Tree Ornaments (Popsicle Sticks)

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How to Make the Craft Stick Christmas Trees

What you need:

  • pencil
  • scissors
  • liquid glue
  • there craft sticks
  • acrylic paint (green or other color kids like)
  • paintbrush
  • brown color paper
  • gold self-adhesive foam sheet
  • pom-poms (different colors)
  • piece of yarn

Step by Step Tutorial

The Xmas Tree Shape

Start by having kids color three wooden craft sticks in green or any other color they choose. While green is “standard” when it comes to Christmas tree colors this little ornament will look amazing in any color.

Step 1

It’s best if one stick is smaller than the other two, so help the kids shorten it.

This ornament works out well if all three popsicle sticks are the same length as well, the tree just won’t be as pointy.

Step 2

Kids can now apply glue to the ends of the stick to create a triangle shape.

Step 3

The Star

Cut out a star out of golden, golden glitter or just plain yellow paper.

Have the kids draw a star shape on the back of the paper. If you or your kids struggle with drawing a star shape, check out our how to draw a star tutorial.

Step 5

Cut out the star shape.

Step 6

Glue the star to the top.

Step 7

The Pom-Pom Ornaments

It’s time to add some pom-poms or other fun materials. Have kids create tiny dots with white school glue. Alternatively, they can also apply the glue on the pom poms directly.

Step 08

Have the kids stick the pom poms to the craft stick.

Step 9

The Trunk

The Christmas tree needs a trunk, so have the kids cut out a rectangle out of brown color paper.

Step 10

And glue it to the back of the bottom craft stick.

Step 11

The Ornament Hook

Have them take a piece of yarn and create a loop. If you are working with younger kids (preschool, kindergarten), you will most likely need to do this step for them. If you are doing this in the classroom it is best to prepare the loops before hands (make a knot at the end).

Step 12

Have the kids glue the loop on the back of the ornament (or you make this for them).

Step 13

All done! The first of many craft stick Christmas tree ornaments is ready for hanging.

Craft Stick Christmas Tree ornament

You and your kids can make as many popsicle stick Christmas trees as you want!

Craft Stick Christmas Tree Ornaments (recycled popsicle stick craft)

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