DIY Tabletop Paper Christmas Tree

Creating a Christmas tree with your family is a must-do this year! Take the time to make this DIY Tabletop Paper Christmas Tree right at home! It’s the perfect holiday decor.

If you enjoy making your decor or want to try something new this year, give this Christmas tree a try!

DIY Tabletop Paper Christmas Tree

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We love making all kinds of crafts, especially Christmas Projects (check out our Easy Christmas Paper Craft or try making your Christmas Carol singers Craft).

Your kids can learn How to Draw a Christmas Tree in only six easy steps. And if they feel jolly, have them color a bunch of Christmas Coloring Pages as well.

Tabletop Paper Christmas Tree Craft

Kids love to make cute Christmas decor. With this tutorial, you can make your trees and get kids involved in the fun.

Allow your family members to be as creative as they’d like with this holiday craft.

How to Make a DIY Tabletop Paper Christmas Tree


What you need: 

Materials Used

Step by Step Instructions

The Tree Trunk

Paint the wooden stick brown.


The Tree Stand

Cut a thin strip of the toilet paper roll.


Cut the strip of paper the same width as the paper roll.


Draw around the roll on the brown paper twice and cut it out.


Make a hole in the circle.


Glue the brown paper strip to the roll.


Place glue around the edges of the circles.


Glue the circles on the bottom and the top.


Your tree stand should look like in the picture.


The Christmas Tree

Go ahead and cut out the template.


Trace the template onto the snowflake paper.


And glue to the back of one of the Christmas tree pieces.


Start stacking and gluing the Christmas tree on top of each other.


As you can see, the stacking makes a beautiful Christmas tree.


Glue them together on the edges, except the bottom one.


Place the wooden stick into the brown toilet paper roll.


Now glue the tree on it.

It is an easy craft that anyone can do, and the result is tons of fun!


You can place this DIY Christmas tree anywhere in your house as decor.

Isn’t it so pretty? Enjoy!

Tabletop Paper Christmas Tree

You can create different Xmas Trees and make a whole forest of them.

DIY Tabletop Paper Xmas Tree

Get your DIY Tabletop Paper Christmas Tree Template Here

DIY Tabletop Paper Christmas Tree

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