Handmade Newspaper Christmas Card

We love sharing easy-to-make craft ideas, so we are excited to share this handmade newspaper Christmas card tutorial with you.

It’s a great way to use up old newspapers or worn and torn books, as well as odd bits of other supplies.

This Christmas card idea is suitable for all ages; it’s easy enough for younger kids to make (you can easily adjust it for kindergarten and preschool. We’ll share our tips in the tutorial), and the card is gorgeous looking for older kids or yourself to make as well.

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DIY Newspaper Christmas Card Craft

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When it comes to Christmas crafts for kids, making DIY cards has a special place in our hearts. The thoughts that go into creating one and the joy of receiving one make the holidays even more memorable.

DIY Newspaper Christmas Card Craft

If you can use up spare bits and recycled materials to make one, that’s even better.

Handmade Newspaper Christmasmas Craft

How to Make the Handmade Newspaper Christmas Card

What you need:

  • pencil
  • scissors
  • glue
  • construction paper (green)
  • something to make the star (yellow paper, glittery paper…)
  • pom-poms (in different colors) or other suitable materials
  • old newspaper
  • white chalk marker or gel pen

To make things easier, you can also use our Christmas tree outline templates.

Step by Step Tutorial

You can use store-bought blank cards, or you can easily make a card by cutting a sheet of letter-sized or A4-sized paper in half and folding it.

Step 1

When you fold the paper, run a ruler (or something similar) across the fold to make it really neat (this is optional).

Step 2

Draw a Christmas tree outline on a newspaper page or a page from a damaged book. The tree should be smaller (but not much) than the folded card.

For younger kids, you can have them cut out a simple triangle shape for the tree.

Step 3

Then, cut along the outline you drew.

Step 4

Apply glue on the tree or on the card.

Step 5

And glue the newspaper tree cutout to the card.

Step 6

Cut out a star shape out of paper or other medium.

Glue the star to the top of the tree.

Step 7

It’s time to add the decorations.

You can have the kids use different colored pom-poms to create Christmas tree ornaments. They can also use paper scraps, crimpled tissue paper, and stickers…

Step 8

To finish the Christmas card, draw some dots as snowflakes with a white chalk marker or a gel pen.

Step 9

You can also have them use Q-tips and dip them in white paint to make the snowflakes.

Step 10

All done!

It’s time to add a touch of joy! Have kids fill the card with a happy wish or a merry message.

DIY Handmade Newspaper Christmas Craft

We love how we used a piece of an old newspaper into a jolly Xmas craft!

Handmade Newspaper Christmas Craft Idea

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