Rocking Paper Plate Santa

Time for a wonderful Santa craft – let’s make a rocking paper plate santa!

We rocked our paper plate penguins, so we are adding even more wobbling characters to our collection, we do love when our paper plate crafts have a special twist!

Cute Rocking Paper Plate Santa Craft for Kids. A Super Fun Christmas Craft Idea for Kids to Make. #Christmascraftsforkids #Paperplatecraftsforkids #Santacraftsforkids*this post contains affiliate links*

We do love to give dimension to our paper plate crafts, and even more so when it comes to making Christmas paper plate crafts.

Why make a regular paper plate Santa (well, we already made a few of those) when you can make one that almost doubles up as a toy! Or an ornament even if you hang it on a string – pretty cute classroom or home decoration if you ask us.

This little fellow isn’t just for making and watching, once done you can push it and it will rock left and right and even slightly forward or backward, depending on how you push it.

Ready to make this one? It’s super easy (and if you have kids of different ages, you can try making different characters, Santa is a bit more complex due to it’s beard, but you can make a penguin or a reindeer with younger kids, easy peasy).

Let’s get Christmas crafting!

Rocking Paper Plate Santa Craft for Kids #Christmascraftsforkids #Paperplatecraftsforkids #Santacraftsforkids

How to Make a Rocking Paper Plate Santa

What you need:

  • paper plate (one paper plate will make two Santa’s)
  • red paint
  • beige paper (or beige paint)
  • white paper
  • black paper (or black paint)
  • wiggle eye stickers or googly eyes
  • glue (older kids can also use stapler for the paper plate)
  • scissors

Have everything? Let’s make Santa’s

Watch the Video Tutorial

Follow the Step by Step Tutorial

Paint the paper plate red.

Let the paint dry.

Fold the paper plate in half and cut it into two halves.

One half is enough to make one rocking paper plate Santa.

Fold into a cone, apply glue on one end and glue the other end on top of it (making a cone shape).

Press together and wait for the glue to set. We usually use a clothespin to hold the shape together while the glue is drying and move on with other steps of the craft.

Older kids that already know how to safely handle the stapler, can use one for this step.

Cut or punch a circle out of beige paper.

Also cut a rectangle – it needs to be as wide as a circle (no need for

Trim the beard so it gets a festive Santa look.

Glue the beige circle on the paper plate cone.

Glue on the beard, on the circle.

Cut a strip of black paper…

…and glue it on the Santa. Naturally we realised, after we did this, it would be better to first glue the paper strip and then the beard ;).

You can also draw the black belt.

Cut off any extra paper.

Cut a strip of white paper and glue it over the head.

Stick on two googly eyes.

And a red pom pom for the nose.

Cut a small white circle (alternatively you could also use a white pom pom with a glue dot).

Stick it on top of the rocking paper plate Santa.

Cute Rocking Paper Plate Santa

Rocking Paper Plate Santa Craft

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