Easy Button Christmas Tree Craft for Kids

This easy-button Christmas tree craft is perfect for preschool and kindergarten as it’s simple to make and is great for strengthening fine motor skills. We have a bunch of Christmas tree templates to choose from (if you need one), so your kids can make all kinds of Christmas button art.

Christmas trees are the best for making simple button art, as kids can cover the whole outline or just make the baubles; either way, it will look great and festive.

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Buttons are great to use for making all kinds of Christmas crafts with kids, they look like little baubles, and they are great for fine motor skills.

Easy Button Christmas Tree Craft

How to Make Easy Button Christmas Tree Craft

What you need:

  • optional: Christmas tree templates – you can grab a variety of them at the bottom of this tutorial
  • green construction paper (or cardboard painted with green paint)
  • assortment of buttons
  • scissors
  • glue

Step by Step Tutorial

Print out the Christmas tree template. Using the template is optional here, as you can keep things simple and just cut out larger triangles out of green paper.

Using construction paper is best. Another great alternative is recycling old cereal boxes and similar cardstock and painting them with green paint.

Start sticking on the buttons. If you have larger buttons, start with those, as you can always fill in the spaces with smaller ones.

Glue stick works well enough with small and flat buttons; for larger buttons, we recommend PVA glue or other craft glue.

Fill the tree with buttons; you can fill the whole outline, make just a couple of baubles, or make it so that it looks like your Christmas tree has Christmas lights.

Finish up with a star on top; you can use a star-shaped button or any other star-shaped decoration, or you can cut it out of paper (see our how to draw a star tutorial).

Finished Button Christmas Tree Art

We love how these are turning out.

You can even combine them with other techniques. Quilling is a great one (either just the star or some ornaments to accompany the buttons).

You can also add string to these and use them as Christmas ornaments for your tree.

Or make a DIY Christmas banner by stringing them together.

So much fun!

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