Printable Penguin Coloring Pages – Lots of Free Sheets

Embrace the cuteness of these printable penguin coloring pages. These are perfect for the chilly season as a whole lot of penguin illustrations await to be colored in by your kids, many of which are absolutely free to print! Let kids Immerse themselves in a world of Antarctic (and about) charm.

From simple to color penguin faces perfect for the tiny hands of toddlers and preschoolers to more detailed scenes featuring penguins diving deep into icy water or penguins adorned with cozy scarves and hats, there’s a whole lot of options to choose from.

Printable Penguin Coloring Pages

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Printable Penguin Coloring Pages

Colder months of the year are perfect for coloring penguins, and you can even pair these with our snowman coloring pages for more wintery fun.

Free Printable Penguin Coloring Pages

We’re sharing ten free penguin coloring pages you can easily print. Click the “Get it here” button below each preview to access and print the PDF illustrations to color.

Iceberg Penguin Coloring Page

Image of a penguin standing on an iceberg

Have kids start their penguin coloring journey with a cute baby bird standing on an iceberg.

Cute Penguin

Cute big baby penguin illustration

We recommend printing this cutie for those needing vast areas and practicing coloring within the lines.

Penguin on an Ice Chunk to Color

Easy to color penguin standing on an iceberg

Another penguin in the middle of the ocean, standing on a lonely iceberg, is ready to get some colors.

Starry Night Penguin Coloring Sheet

Image of a penguin on a starry night

This penguin coloring sheet will look fantastic after the kids color the background and make the stars pop out.

Swimming Penguin Coloring Page

Illustration of a swimming penguin

Here is a cute image of a penguin just learning to swim!

Bathing Penguin to Color

Image of a penguin in water

Love easy penguin illustrations? Have children color this giant bird having a bath.

Underwater Penguin Illustration

Image of a  swimming underwater penguin coloring page

We think kids will love to color this underwater scenery of a swimming penguin.

Easy to Color Penguin

Penguin illustration

For the littlest ones in our audience, we have an illustration of a penguin strolling on snow featuring vast sections for easy coloring.

Shy Penguin Coloring Sheet

Sitting penguin coloring page

Do you need another penguin coloring page that is easy to color? Use this one!

Stars and Penguin

Stars and penguin coloring sheet

We think this silly penguin image will bring smiles to your kid’s faces!

Member Penguin Coloring Pages

The whole collection of penguin coloring pages includes 30 different designs.

To see what else awaits you in the whole set, check out the previews below, log into your account, or become our valued member (if you haven’t already) and gain access to everything we do!

Penguin Wearing Earmuffs

Penguin wearing earmuffs to color

Here is another cute penguin coloring page that will keep your kids busy.

Underwater Penguin Scene to Color

Fish and penguin coloring page

Do you want an excellent penguin coloring page with fish in the underwater world?

Two Penguins Coloring Sheet

Happy penguins coloring sheet

We adore happy penguin drawings, and this one will make your kids smile – two penguins are having a blast dancing around.

Dancing Penguin Illustration

Dancing penguin image to color

Here is another dancing penguin coloring page!

Family of Penguins Coloring Page

Family of penguins on an iceberg coloring page

Look at our penguin family, ready for coloring fun.

Easy Penguin Coloring Sheet

Easy to color penguin

We think this penguin coloring sheet is too adorable!

Coloring Picture of Penguin

Cute baby penguin coloring sheet

Even these birds from the Southern Hemisphere can feel chilly – let kids make this penguin picture as colorful and lively as possible!

Moonlight Penguin to Color

Silly penguin to color

Let kids add color to a penguin dancing under the moonlight.

Fish and Penguin Coloring Page

Fish and penguin illustration

These big birds love fish – this penguin coloring page is perfect for kids who enjoy adding detailed colors, especially to the fish scales.

Penguin Catching a Fish

Penguin catching fish coloring page

Here is another cute penguin to color – this cutie also caught a fish!

Penguin Family Illustration

Coloring page of penguins

A big, happy family of penguins is waiting to get colored!

Ice Skating Penguin to Color

Ice skating penguin illustration

We think this ice skating penguin coloring illustration will be great to keep the little hands busy.

Image of a Jumping Penguin

Image of a penguin splashing water

Splash! This playful penguin loves hopping in puddles, just like kids do! Have them color the whole page.

Illustration of a Cute Penguin

Cute penguin coloring sheet

Wearing a cozy winter hat and a scarf, our penguin is ready to get some colors!

Winter Penguin Coloring Page

Easy to color penguin illustration

Are you looking for a winter penguin coloring sheet to keep the young ones active? Here it is!

Penguin in Love

Image of a penguin in love

This cute penguin holding a heart image is perfect for little ones who are just beginning their coloring adventures.

Sliding Penguin Coloring Page

Illustration of a penguin sliding down the hill

Sliding down the hill is incredible, and coloring a penguin is just as fun!

Singing Bird Coloring Page

Singing penguin coloring page

If you need another easy-to-color penguin sheet, we’ve got you covered!

Penguin Underwater Life Coloring Page

Penguin swimming with fish coloring sheet

Here is a pretty underwater scenery with fish, algae, and a penguin to color.

Waving Penguin to Color

Image of penguin to color

Kids can practice coloring within the lines on this penguin illustration!

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