DIY Paper Plate Christmas Tree

Transform one paper plate into a cool-looking DIY paper plate Christmas tree. This paper plate craft is great to do in the classroom, it’s an easy Christmas kindergarten or even preschool classroom craft as the steps are simple enough and won’t require much help. It’s also an inexpensive project that doesn’t really require much prep.

Ready to learn how to make this one? Follow our simple step by step tutorial and kids of all ages will be able to make this one (we also share tips on how to adjust this for different age groups).

paper plate christmas tree craft

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There is a variety of Christmas projects you can do with kids in the classroom (as well as at home), but the key is to keep it on the inexpensive side. Costs of craft supplies can quickly add up if you are working with larger groups. This is why paper plate crafts are a great idea!

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Paper Plate Xmas Tree

How to Make DIY Paper Plate Christmas Tree

What you need:

  • paper plate
  • green paint
  • paintbrush
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • pencil
  • paper or foam for the star
  • brown cardstock
  • pom-poms (different colors)

Step by Step Tutorial

The Paper Plate Tree

Take a paper plate and have the kids color it with green paint. Tempera paints and acrylic pains work out well. Make sure to use non-toxic (check label on the bottle) if you are making this Christmas paper plate craft with toddlers or preschoolers.

Older kids can cut the paper plate into 3 pieces on thier own (you can also talk about fractions at this point), while for younger kids you will likely have to cut this for them.

Aim to make the pieces even, but this craft turns out well even if the pieces aren’t evenly cut.

It’s glue time. Apply glue on the top part of one-third and stick another on top of it, overlapping slightly. Do the same with the third one.

The Christmas tree is almost assembled.

The Star

Have kids draw a star shape out of paper or foam. If working with younger kids you can use a star shaped paper punch, the kids will love it.

Stick the star on top of the tree.

The Tree Trunk

The Xmas tree needs a trunk, so have children cut a rectangle from brown cardstock, then glue it to the back of the tree.

The Ornaments

It’s time to decorate the Christmas tree!

The tree will look super festive with lots of colorful pom-poms. They are easy for little hands to handle (and are also great for fine motor skills).

Alternatively, you can also use regular paper and have the kids punch out different shapes with paper punches or have them crinkle the paper into balls.

We love how ours turned out!

paper plate christmas tree

Your DIY paper plate Christmas tree is finished!

DIY Paper Plate Christmas Tree Idea

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