Halloween Crafts for Kindergarten

Halloween is a wonderful holiday (well almost a time of the year) to get crafty with your little ones! We prepared a list of Halloween crafts for Kindergarten to help teachers and parents pick out crafts that are skill and age appropriate to help you plan your crafty sessions.

Fun and Simple Halloween Crafts for Kindergarten

That said do keep in mind kindergarten age can vary from state to state (and country to country) and even in the classroom the difference in skill level from student to student (or a generation) can vary so some of the ideas might need to be tweaked a bit (they are after all just that – ideas and inspirations) to best fit your child and your classroom.

Some of the Halloween craft ideas listed here, while they are really fun for kindergarteners, are not best suited for classroom as objects such as rocks and jars are used. Most of the crafts here are quick and easy to make.

Halloween Crafts for Kindergarten

We can’t have a Halloween themed crafty party without some monster crafts for kindergarten! Paper rolls are extremely fun to craft with (if working in a classroom you can use kitchen paper towel rolls cut into shorter rolls or buy craft rolls in a craft shop, toilet paper rolls are great for home use). You can also make or have your students make paper rolls out of construction paper.

What we love about toilet paper monster crafts is you can get as silly as you want with them! There is no right or wrong way to decorate your monster craft it really is a very open ended project, as far as crafts go. And if you intend to make these in a classroom, just imagine the wonderfully spooky monster army your kindergarten students will create.

Cute Paper Roll Monsters Halloween Craft for Kids

See how to make these paper roll monsters here.

Paper Collage Art

Ripped paper collage art is great to do in kindergarten (or any age really) – kids sure do love ripping the paper apart! You can make all kinds of wonderful Halloween themed creations, from ghosts to candy corn.

Candy Corn Torn Paper Art

Jack o’Lantern Suncatcher

Sun catchers! Autumn offers just enough sunshine to make these really shine. All you need is a bit of black paper – show the kids how to make the outline as most of them will be able to cut it out on their own. Glue it on contact paper and let the kids tear and glue tissue paper on the suncatcher.

These will look amazing on the classroom (or home) windows.
Pumpkin Suncatchers

Paper Pumpkins

Paper balls are wonderful both for scissor practice and fine motor skills. Your kids can either make paper pumpkins or Jack’o’Lanterns (you might need to do some cutting when it comes to decorations for the pumpkin head).

Paper Jack o' Lantern CraftSee how to make pumpkin paper balls

Cotton Ball Ghost

Offering a fun sensory experience this cotton ball ghost craft is certainly one to add to your list of crafts to make.


Painted Rocks

Rock monsters are insanely fun to make but might not be the best craft idea for the classroom (unless you have a really small class) as there is always the possibility of a rock getting it’s wings and flying across the classroom. This one is perfect for homeschooling crafty project or as a craft to make with your kindergartener after school.

Monster Rock PaintingSee our painted rocks here

Mason Jar Mummy

This one is great to do at home. If you would like to make this one in the classroom, you can recycle plastic bottles or use paper cups instead of a jar.

Mason Jar Mummy

Spider Puppet

Love them or fear them, spiders are usually a fun subject for little kids! This spider craft for kindergarten is pretty easy to make (we also have a template that can be colored in or used as a stencil) and as it’s not just a craft but also a puppet kids can then play with it will entertain for quite some time.

Spider Paper Hand Puppet Template Craft for Kids to MakeGrab the template for this craft here.

Spoon Puppets

Let your kids transform ordinary wooden spoons into all kinds of crazy monsters. Such great Halloween crafts for kindergarten as they can put up a spooky puppet show once they are done with crafting.

Wooden Spoon Vampire Craft

Simple Halloween Crafts for Kindergarten

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Fun Halloween Crafts for Kindergarten