Paper Hedgehog

Hop into the fall by making a tiny Paper Hedgehog craft with hidden secret messages in the cinnamon stick.

We’re sure kids will like it, as it is super fun and effortless to make.

Paper Hedgehog

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Paper Hedgehog Fall Craft

We think hedgehogs are so cute. Did you know their favorite snack is strawberry?

Today’s craft has all to do with hedgehogs.

We have many hedgehog crafts on our website, but you can never have too many of them, right?

DIY Paper Hedgehog

It is a super easy project to assemble and super tiny too.

You can insert a message inside the cinnamon stick and surprise your family.

Come and craft with us!

How to Make the Paper Hedgehog

What you need:

  • cinnamon stick
  • ruler with circle shapes
  • hot glue
  • brown cardstock
  • two googly eyes
  • color papers (pale yellow and light purple)
  • one black bead
  • scissors
  • color marker
  • pencil

Materials Used

Step by Step Tutorial

On the pale yellow color paper, draw a small rainbow shape (1,3 cm in width on each side).

Use the ruler with circle shapes to make the rainbow.

Step 1

Cut it out with your scissors.

Step 1-1
Draw three small but different-sized rainbow shapes on the brown cardstock.

Step 2

Cut them out.

Step 2-1

Make some cuts on the brown rainbow shapes as shown.

These will be the spines of the hedgehog.

Step 3
Take the pale yellow rainbow shape, and form the snout of the hedgehog by connecting the far ends of the rainbow.

Seal the ends with hot glue.

Step 4
Add a hot glue dot on the tip of the snout and glue the black bead on as a nose.

Step 5
Connect the far sides of each brown rainbow to form cone shapes and glue the most miniature brown cone into the snout first.

Glue the middle one into the smallest one and add the biggest one into the middle one at the end.

Step 6

Wait for the glue to set.

Neatly arrange the spines so the hedgehog looks nice.

Step 6-1

Add some hot glue to the bottom part of the hedgehog and glue the hedgehog on the cinnamon stick.

Step 7

Attach the eyes to the hedgehog’s snout using hot glue.

Step 8

Take a piece of purple color paper and write a message on it.

Roll it and insert the secret message into the hole of the cinnamon stick.

Step 9

You just made a little hedgehog carrying a message.

Step 9-1


DIY Paper Hedgehog Fall Craft

Our hedgehog craft is mesmerizing.

Paper Hedgehog Craft

Do you like it?

Paper Hedgehog Idea

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