Printable Sunflower Coloring Pages – 25 Sheets

Our set of printable sunflower coloring pages will bring joy and happiness to all flower enthusiasts!

From the tiniest artist to more advanced colorists, the pages are perfect for kids of all ages, including pre-K and kindergartners.

Printable Sunflower Coloring Pages

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Printable Sunflower Coloring Pages

The sunflower coloring sheets set includes 25 designs kids can color with their favorite markers, crayons, or other supplies.

When they finish coloring this set, let them learn how to draw a sunflower by themselves with our guided tutorial. Then, they can dive into even more flower-themed material as we also have a set of flower coloring pages. And if this isn’t enough, we got over 1000 coloring sheets in different themes for them and the whole family to color.

Free Printable Sunflower Coloring Pages

Check out the 10 Free Sunflower Coloring Pages and print them out by clicking on the “Get it here” button below each one of the previews.

Big Sunflower

Color the Sunflower

By coloring this enormous sunflower sheet, let your kid’s colors bloom like sunflowers in a summer garden!

Easy Sunflower

Pretty Flower

Are you in need of an easy-to-color page? This one will be great for the little hands as they can fill the vast areas with their coloring supplies.

Happiness in the Garden

Happy in the Garden

Here is a neat fall-themed scenery with a happy sunflower growing in the garden, surrounded by clouds, bushes and a fence.

Ladybugs on Sunflower

Sunflower and Ladybugs Coloring Page

We love ladybugs, and we think many kids do – so we designed a combination of spring and fall themes with ladybugs crawling all over the sunflower bloom.

In Search of Sunshine

Growing Slowly

Kids can experiment using different shades and hues of yellow, brown, red, or any other color to see how their sunflower will look – and we bet using different tones will make the page look beautiful!

Realistic Sunflower Coloring Page

Realistic Sunflower to Color

Want kids to color a realistic illustration? We got you covered with our magnificent sunflower coloring sheet!

Garden Trowel, Rake, and Sunflowers

Garden Tools and Flowers Coloring Page

Have kids learn to recognize two gardening tools while coloring. Have them color the garden trowel, a tiny rake, and two pretty sunflower blooms.

Sunflower Spelling Coloring Page

Sunflower Spelling Practice

Spelling can be fun, especially when coloring and sounding out each letter using vibrant colors. Young artists can practice letter recognition while filling in the sunflower design with their favorite markers.

Realistic Sunflower Coloring Sheet

Realistic Sunflower Coloring Page

We love observing flowers in their natural habitat, and this lifelike sunflower is a feast for the eyes.

Flower Friends

Flowers Coloring Page

Strengthen your kids’ artistic skills by turning this sunflower coloring page into a masterpiece by having them color all the empty spaces with different shades.

Member Sunflower Coloring Pages

We got a whole set exclusively for our members – 25 sunflower coloring sheets will be great for the fall season and any other day of the year when you need to keep your little hands busy.

Check out the previews of what else is in our set, log into your account, and print all pages from our membership library.

Water the Plant

Watering Sunflowers

Flowers need a lot of watering, and this one is no exception! Kids can make the page as colorful as they want.


Blooming sunflower Coloring Page

Did you know sunflowers usually turn their “heads” following the sun? Every morning they open up their blossoms and show their tenderness – this coloring page will look excellent after it is colored!

Cute Flower in a Pot

Flower in a Pot Coloring Sheet

Behold a petite sunflower in a tiny pot with the most adorable eyes that twinkle with curiosity!

Sunflower Coloring Page

Flowers Coloring Page

A giant sunflower bloom is surrounded by tiny daisies – a beautiful sight! This coloring page will be great for kids who want to color details.

In a Vase

Sunflowers Coloring Page

They can paint each sunflower with different shades to make them pop out of the vase even more!

Happy Plants

Happy Growing Plants

Seeing happy flowers uplifts our spirits, and these two smiling friends will bring joy and happiness to young kids too!

In a Flower Pot

Sunflower in a Pot

Sunflowers love sunny and cloudy days. A cloudy day made this beauty look our way and allowed us to color the whole scenery.

Big Sunflower

Sunflower Coloring sheet

Sharing happiness is one of our goals, and with the assistance of this sunflower, we’re confident we’re also scattering rays of sunshine and joy on paper!

Smiling Flower

Smiling Flower

The following sunflower coloring sheet will be perfect for kindergartners. With vast areas, they’ll have no problems coloring it.

Sunny Day

Sunny Day Coloring Page

Kids can make the flowers stand out by coloring the background to the frame! This page will look amazing as decor on a wall!

Big Bouquet

Bouquet Coloring Page

Getting or giving a unique bouquet is such a nice gesture! This one can make a pretty gift any day of the year!

Flower on a Hill

Sunflower on a Hill

Another sunflower is exposing its bloom! Watching sunflowers turn themselves toward the sun’s rays is so pleasing! This page offers a lot of natural beauties to color!

Sunflower Scenery

Flowers and Hills Scenery

What about a field of sunflowers with a distant view of mountains? This intricate coloring sheet will come in handy to strengthen advanced coloring skills.

Seeds, Leaves, and Flowers

Sunflower Seeds and Leaves Coloring Page

This coloring sheet will be great for teaching kids about flower parts by coloring them using the brightest yellows, greens, and browns.

Tiny Flowers and Seeds

Sunflowers and Seeds

Last but not least – a fun sunflower design that features blossoms and seeds – we think your kids will love it!

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