Pinecone Winter Owls Craft

I wanted to do these for a while now and I’m pretty excited at how this pinecone winter owls craft turned out! They are adorable!

We made a few crafts with pinecones already, like these fun pinecone hedgehogs so owls were a must!

Simple Winter Owl Pinecone Craft for Kids

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These lovely critters will make a fun decoration too.

Pinecone Winter Owls Craft for Kids (and kids at heart 😉


  • pinecones
  • white and beige felt and a tiny bit of orange one too
  • cotton balls / cotton
  • googly eyes
  • glue
  • scissors

If you gathered the pinceones in the nature (I gathered some and got some from the store) do give them time to dry or dry them in the oven.

Matherials for Owl Craft

Once your pinecones are ready to go, start tearing up the cotton balls and stuffing them in the pinecone. You don’t have to use glue as cotton balls will stay just where they are. Work your way around the pinecones – this will give them the “owl feather like” texture.

Stuffing Cotton

Make the owl “accessories” out of felt, cut out a pair of wings out of white felt (or any other color you want really). Next cut a small oval shape for the head from beige felt, also cutting a little bit smaller oval shape from the white felt. You can make one side of the white shape a bit heart like to give it a more “facial” look. Cut a small orange beak.

Felt Details

I glued the beak on top of the beige oval shape and glued the smaller oval shape on top of that. Next in line are googly eyes which stick nicely onto felt.

We used white school glue to stick on the wings and head details and it worked out nicely, although I think a glue gun would do an even better job.

Making The Pinecone Winter Owl Craft

Fun Winter Owls Craft

Pinecone Winter Owls Craft for Kids


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