Fox Leaf Craft

Fall is the best time of the year to make some leaf crafts, and this fox leaf craft just has to make your list.

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You only need a bit of imagination to turn ordinary leaves into wonderful arty creations, even more if you add a splash of color.

These leaf foxes can be made in no time and as they really are a frugal project they make a wonderful kindergarten classroom project (and just imagine a leaf fox bulletin board).

Ready to transform your leaves into wonderful foxes? Let’s give it a go!

Fox Craft for Kids

How to Make a Fox Leaf Craft

What you need:

  • leaves – maple leaf
  • orange, white and black paint
  • large googly eyes
  • paint brushes

Step by Step Tutorial

Gather the leaves. Make sure they are completely dry – if not store them between layers of paper and place a heavy object (book) on top and leave them dry for a few days.

They need to be completely dry or they will curl up later.

Paint the leaves with orange paint.

You can leave the orange paint to dry completely if you want a “sharp” white color next, or just move on with the white paint to get a “softer” tone.

Paint the sides white, making two loops.

Paint a black snout.

Stick on two large googly eyes.

Fox Leaf Craft for Kids

Fox Leaf Craft

Leaf fox craft for kids.

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