Hedgehog Puppet Printable Template

Who loves hedgehogs? We do! This Hedgehog Puppet Printable Template will help you make a fun looking little paper puppet.

These little hedgehog puppets are perfect for your fall crafting session.
Hedgehog Puppet Printable Template Fall Craft for Kids

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Hedgehogs are one of the cutest forest dwellers, and one of the loudest too! Who knew an animal as adorable as this can make as much noise as a bear.

This little paper puppet won’t be a loud one, well it will be only as loud as your kids make it to be (who are we kidding, it’s going to be loud).

Hedgehog Puppet Printable Template Craft

While most of our paper puppets are insanely easy to make, the hedgehog is a bit more difficult as the spikes come with more detail than your regular puppet and some skill is required to glue them on nicely.

Hedgehog Puppet Printable Template

But it’s worth the hassle for this awesome guy, right?

Hedgehog Puppet Printable Template Paper Craft for Kids

How to Use our Hedgehog Puppet Printable Template

What you need:

  • our printable template – grab it at the end of this tutorial
  • heavier print paper (regular one is OK too)
  • scissors
  • glue
  • coloring supplies

Step by Step Instructions

Print out our hedgehog puppet template. We do recommend using heavier print paper for this as it will make the puppet more durable.

Color in the design – you don’t have to color across the whole paper, just the middle part (and accessories on page 2).

There are 4 sets of spikes – you will need 1 per puppet (we made 4 to make it easy for classroom use).

Cut out the spikes.

Return to the first sheet of paper – fold and crease all dashed lines.

Both horizontal and vertical.

Apply glue across the side that has a word glue on it.

Fold over the other end.

Fold into a M shape (see picture bellow).

Cut slits into the rectangle under the spikes – this will make it easier to glue the spikes onto the hedgehog.

Glue all 3 sets of spikes, one after the other on the back of your hedgehog puppet

Push your fingers inside the puppet

And you are ready to play!

Hedgehog Puppet Printable Template Craft for Kids

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