Owl Coloring Pages – 30 Printable Sheets

This wonderful set of printable owl coloring pages is a whoot! From cute owls to realistic ones with intricate designs there is a coloring sheet for everyone to enjoy.

These are great for fall when owls are a popular topic, and as an addition to any Halloween activity.

Printable Owl Coloring Pages

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Printable Owl Coloring Pages

Owls are one of the most popular birds, especially in fall – so we just know your kids will love these.

Want even more coloring fun? We have over a thousand different coloring pages for kids and the whole family to choose from (be sure to check out our collection of Halloween coloring pages).

We also have a tutorial to teach your kids how to draw an owl in only a few steps!

Free Printable Owl Coloring Pages

Print out these free printable owl coloring pages, find a cozy spot, and let the coloring adventure begin!

Baby Owl Coloring Page

Cute Baby Owl Coloring Page

Baby owls are adorable – let your kids add a touch of color to this simple design.


Adorable Owl Coloring Sheet

One of the trademark characteristics of owls is their gorgeous big eyes! And this design showcases them perfectly.

Cute Owl Coloring Page

Baby Owlie

Younger kids, especially preschoolers, and kindergarteners, will love this one. It’s one of the cutest owl coloring pages ever.

Easy Owl Coloring Sheet

Easy Owl to Color

Big simple spaces to color and an uncomplicated design makes this one perfect for younger kids.

Realistic Owl Coloring Page

Owl At Midnight

Realistic coloring pages make a great addition to lessons about specific animals. Have the kids learn all they can about owls and wrap up the lesson by coloring one.

Intricate Night Bird

Nocturnal Bird

Great for older kids and kids who love a little challenge regarding coloring in their designs. Once done with the bird, why not challenge the kids to draw in their background?

Owls and Flowers

Owl and Flowers Coloring Page

Most owl coloring pages have haunting backgrounds, night sky, moon, or trees and branches. But not this one! It’s all about a lovely bird sitting in front of flowers.

Happy Owl

Owl on a Branch

Who doesn’t love a happy animal? This one sure looks like one.


Small Owl Coloring Page

Have you ever seen a bird wink at you? Have kids color this feathery friend with their best coloring supplies!

Owl Word Spelling

Spelling the word owl

This fun educational sheet will help the little ones spell the word owl.

Exclusive Owl Coloring Pages

Check out the previews of what else awaits you in the whole owl coloring sheets set and grab it in our membership library.

The entire set includes 30 designs; we’re sure kids will love it!

Proud Bird

Fearless Owl

Our owl would look fabulous in shades of brown and orange, but kids can use whatever colors they see fit.

Simple Realistic Owl Coloring Page

Pretty Owl Coloring Sheet

Not all owls look cartoonish as we’d like to imagine – our realistic yet simple owl coloring sheet is fun to color!

Cute Owl Coloring Sheet

Color the Owl

Sitting on a branch, waiting to be colored – this is what our owl is looking for! Have kids grab their crayons or markers and color within the frame.

Owl With Sleeping Hat

Sleeping Hat Owl Coloring Page

This bird is ready for some shut-eye. And getting a good day’s sleep is easier if you have a fancy sleeping hat on.

Easy to Color Owl

Cute Owlie Coloring Page

Do you need an owl coloring page for the youngest ones? Here it is – an easy-to-color owl design that will bring smiles and joy after it’s colored.

Three Owls

Tiny Owls

We’re delighted when observing owls as they slumber, leap, and fly, and this excellent coloring page captures every moment of their fascinating lives.

Flying Around

Hopping Owl

The owl on the next coloring page enjoys jumping around and blending in with the beauty of nature.

Intricate Owl Coloring Page

Detailed Owl Coloring Page

If your kids are up to a challenge, they will love this intricate design. With so many spaces to fill, this one will truly shine once fully colored in.

Spread the Wings

Stubborn Owl

Our bird friend has just woken up and is ready for adventures. Have kids color the whole page all up to the frame.

Beautiful Bird Coloring Page

Amazing Owl Flying

Another detailed design will be great for older kids who love being challenged with tiny spaces to color.

Full Moon

Full Moon and Owl

What a majestic scenery! A giant owl is sitting on a branch with moonshine behind it. This coloring page will come out so pretty after it’s colored.

Easy Owl Coloring Page

Cute Owl Coloring Page

Have the youngest kids color the case spaces on this owl and make it pop out using bright and vivid hues.

Waiting Patiently

Owl on a Branch

Who do we have here? The cuteness of this owl is guaranteed to captivate the hearts of every little artist.

In Love

Owl with a Balloon

An owl, sitting on a branch, holding a balloon, and surrounded by hearts – what a pretty scene. Our friend awaits some colors.

Lovely Owl

Holding a Heart

How about coloring an adorable night bird with a bow on its head, holding a heart? We think it will look amazing after the background is filled in.

Snowy Day

Sitting on a branch

Would you like to meet our wise and serene owl? Our friend found a cozy spot on a tree branch in a winter scene with a few falling snowflakes in the distance.

Owl Princess

Pretty Owl Princess

Tiara’s aren’t reserved for human princesses only; owls can be princesses too!

Owl Coloring Page

Cute Owl Coloring Sheet

You have to fall in love with these big eyes!


Smart Owl Coloring Page

Owls are known as birds of knowledge – this design is perfect for giving out to kids when they graduate.

Happy in Snow

Baby Owl

Last but not least, we have another super easy and adorable design. The dots can be snowflakes, they can be raindrops, or they can be stars; it’s for your kids to decide.

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