Simple Hedgehog Paper Craft

Welcome fall with this adorable and simple hedgehog paper craft. This is a cool little project that can be done with the kids in the classroom or as an after school project.

The craft goes wonderfully with many hedgehog books.

Simple Hedgehog Paper Craft

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When it comes to fall crafts for kids it’s all about the forest animals, harvest and trees turning colors. When it comes to forest animals hedgehogs are one of the cutest, and this craft idea perfectly captures that. Super easy to make and you can even add an apple or a pear on the hedgehod to make it even more fun (although they don’t really carry them like that).

Simple Hedgehog Paper Craft for Kids

How to Make a Simple Hedgehog Paper Craft

What you need:

  • light brown construction paper (letter or A4 size works our great)
  • dark brown construction paper
  • black construction paper
  • googly eyes or eye stickers
  • scissors
  • glue

Step by Step Tutorial

We need a long and somewhat wide strip of light brown construction paper. We made ours to be roughly 2 inch / 5 cm wide.

To make a straight cut line, you can fold the paper to make a crease and then cut along the crease.

Apply glue on one end of the paper strip.

Glue the ends together, making a “teardrop” shape.

When the glue sets, you can trim the corners to make them nice and round for the hedgehog face (or leave them as they are or even make them pointy).

Next we need to make the spikes. Cut a thin strip from dark brown construction paper (you might need more than one).

Cut the paper strip into smaller pieces, cutting diagonally to form long diamond like shapes.

Apply glue on the spikes (one half only)…

…and stick them on the body of the hedgehog.

Add as many as you like.

Cut an oval or round shape out of black construction paper and stick it on the hedgehog.

Add two eyes and you are done.

See? Easy and sweet?

We love our Simple Hedgehog Paper Craft!

And we hope you love it too and will make many with your kids.

Hedgehog Paper Craft Simple

Simple Hedgehog Paper Craft Idea

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