Paper Owl Craft

Whooooo is ready to do a fun owl craft? This Paper Owl Craft is the talk of the forest!

He has beautiful colors and is ready for you to make him. All you need are a few different colors of construction paper, googley eyes, and an imagination.

Paper Owl Craft

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Paper Owl Fall Craft

You can never go wrong making owls. Whether you are doing a unit study or owls or you just want to make a few for fun, this Paper Owl Craft rocks!

DIY Fall Paper Owl Craft

How to Create a Paper Owl Craft


What you need:

  • Brown
  • Body coloured
  • Creme and yellow
  • Papers
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Glue stick
  • Googly eyes

Step-by-Step Tutorial

Imagine being able to make this incredible Paper Owl Craft with your kids! Start by gathering everything you need!

Materials Used

Print out the template. Draw the template of the owl’s body on brown paper, and cut it out.

Step 01

Go ahead and cut the owl out.

Step 02


Then draw around the feather several times (about 29 of each color) on the cream-colored and the body-colored paper. Cut them out.

Step 04

As you can see, you are creating the feathers for the owl right here.

Step 06

Start adding the feathers to the owl.

Step 07

Layering them as you see here.

Step 08

Now you are going to start the process for drawing a set of owl eyes.

Step 09

Go ahead and cut the eyes out. This part is going to act as the background for his eyes.

Step 010

On the cream-colored paper draw around the eyes, and on the body-colored paper draw the smaller part of the eyes, and cut them out.

Step 011

As you can see, there are three parts to the owl’s eyes.

Step 012

You can start layering the owl’s eyes right here.

Step 013

Finally, add the googley eyes.

Step 014

Next, you are going to glue the eyes to the owl.

Step 015

Draw around the beak on the yellow paper, and cut it out.

Step 016

Add the beak to the owl.

Step 018

And now you have the final product of the owl. He is an adorable looking owl.

Step 019

Fall Paper Owl

Fall Paper Owl Craft

Paper Owl Craft Idea

Get the Paper Owl Craft Template Here

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