How to Make an Owl Craft for Kids

Whoo, whoo wants to learn how to make an owl craft? This little fall-themed project is a wonderful paper craft that will turn a couple of circles into a wonderful night scene. It’s insanely easy and kids of all ages will enjoy this one.

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This project was inspired by the Young School’s Art owl idea.

When it comes to fall crafts for kids, there are so many subjects to explore – from apples and making paper apple cards to crafting with leaves and making crafts with animals such as owls.

Do your kids want to learn how to draw an owl? We got an easy-to-follow tutorial showing them how to draw two different owls. After they finish, they can color a set of owl coloring pages to make the season even more fun! But let’s get back to making this one.

How to Make an Owl Craft for Kids

What you need:

  • pencil
  • scissors
  • glue
  • black construction paper
  • white paper
  • color paper (brown, yellow, orange, pale orange, and pink)
  • markers (brown, white, and black)

Step by Step Tutorial

The Background

Cut out a big circle from black construction paper. If you don’t have construction paper, you can use regular black paper and glue it on cardboard or you can paint the cardboard with black paint. Dark blue color works well for this owl craft as well.

Step 1

The Tree

Place a sheet of brown paper on the circle edge and use the circle as a template to trace on brown paper. Cut out the trunk shape and stick it on the black circle.

Step 2

Cut a branch-like shape from brown paper and glue it on the tree trunk. The branch should be positioned on the lower half of the circle.

Step 3

The Moon

Cut a smaller yellow or white circle and glue it above the branch. This will make the moon on the night’s sky.

Step 4

The Owl

We’ll make an owl out of an orange circle. This circle should be larger than the moon.

Fold the circle on the right side, making one wing of the owl. Do the same with the right side.

Step 5

Now, fold the upper part of the circle, just like you did the right and the left side.

Step 6

Apply glue on the back of the owl’s body (or on the black paper) and stick it onto the branch.

Step 7

The Head

Cut out two circles from white paper and a triangle out of pink paper. Glue them on the owl’s head.

Use a black marker and draw two dots as eyes.

Step 8

The Feet

Grab a smaller beige rectangle and fold it in half.

Step 9

Draw one leg on the folded part and cut out the outline, this way you will get two same-looking owl feet.

Step 10

Glue the feet onto your scene.

Step 11

The Feathers

Let’s make this owl even more fun. Cut out triangles out of paper and stick them on or use a marker and draw any sort of shapes on the wings.

Step 12

The Finishing Touches

Use a brown marker to give a tree some texture.

Step 13

With a white marker, draw tiny dots to create stars in the night sky.

Step 14

You have now learned how to make an owl craft.

Step 15

Have fun crafting!

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