How To Make a Paper Apple Card

Are your kids ready to get back to school? Have them learn how to make a paper apple card; it will make a great surprise for their teacher.

This simple apple craft can be made by kids as young as preschool, but they will need a helping hand from an adult or an older sibling.

How To Make a Paper Apple Card

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You don’t need much in order to make this craft – just paper, scissors, and glue. While we made a red apple on a black background, you don’t need to limit yourself to those either. Any color will do for the background and apples can be yellow or green as well.

How To Make a Paper Apple Card

What you need:

  • black (or other) construction paper for the card
  • red (or other) regular print or construction paper
  • green paper for the leaf
  • brown paper
  • glue
  • scissors
  • optional: our apple outline template

Step by Step Tutorial

Start by folding a black sheet (or half the sheet) of a letter or A4-sized paper in half. Run your fingers across the fold to make it nice and crisp.

Next, make the apple shapes. You can cut the outlines from the template or you can fold small pieces of red (or other paper) in half and draw your own outline.

Draw the apple outline.

Cut out the apples. Make sure all apples are roughly the same in size.

Let’s start making the card. Apply glue on half of the apple and stick it on the card, firmly press for the glue to set.

Apply glue on the apple half, and stick another apple on top of it.

Continue all way through.

It is completely up to you how many layers you will use – younger kids will be happy with fewer layers while older kids might want to add more.

When you reach the last layer, apply glue on the apple and if you want, a little bit on the card as well (where the apple will be glued to).

Close the card and firmly press down for the glue to set. Give it a minute to really be sure the glue has set (you can weigh it down with a book).

Cut a small piece of brown paper for the stem and a leaf shape from the green paper.

Stick it on the card.

All done! Your kids now know how to make a paper apple card. You can also have them add a note with a metallic or chalk marker to make the card personal.

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