Leaf Ladybug Craft

There’s still plenty of leaves outside so we decided to make this adorable leaf ladybug craft as we’ve been seeing quite a few of these adorable bugs lately.

There are so many ways you can do arts and crafts with leaves, just a while ago we did leaf hedgehogs.

Leaf Ladybug Craft - this is a perfect fall craft for kids

Leaf Ladybug Craft

What you will need:

  • roundish leaves
  • red color
  • brush (we love spunge brushes for this project)
  • black permanent marker
  • googly eyes

Leaf Coloring


This craft is super easy but there is one thing that you should make sure – the leaves should be as dry as possible as they will curl if they are not. You can put them between sheets of paper and weight them down with a book to dry and not become wavy.

Once your leaves are ready to go color them with red color. Let dry. Once they are dry draw a straight line through the middle and a half circle on one end. Color in the half circle. Now draw 7 black dots.

Finish off with a pair of googly eyes!

While this leaf ladybug craft looks the cutest in red you can make them in many more colors as these cut bugs come in yellow, orange, white, black and even more colors.

Ladybug Leaf Craft

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