Paper Sunflower Craft With Seeds

Sunflower is the queen of the summer and fall, as far as flowers go and this paper sunflower craft with seeds makes a great fall craft as real sunflower seeds are used.

They make a wonderful display in the classroom or in your home.

Easy Paper Sunflower Craft for Kids

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Sunflower seeds will make this fall art project really stand out. If you are lucky to have sunflowers in your yard, pick some of the seeds for this project.

If however you don’t have them, you can purchase the seeds in many stores, just go to the “pets” department (or a pet store) and you should see bags of them for feeding birds. Take what you need and feed the rest to the birds, we are sure they won’t mind.

Paper Sunflower Craft With Seeds

Gorgeous aren’t they? And so easy to make!

Paper Sunflower Craft for Kids

How to make Paper Sunflower Craft With Seeds


What you need

  • construction paper for base (any fun color)
  • yellow paper
  • green paper
  • glue (white school glue for seeds)
  • scissors
  • sunflower seeds

Step by Step Tutorial

Set up your background paper. We used half the letter sized / A4 paper sheet.

Cut a long strip of green paper for the sunflower stem.

Stick it on the background.

Cut a circle out of yellow paper (or use a large paper punch) and stick it on the base paper too.

Cut a leaf shape…

Pinch it on one side…

And stick the other side on the base paper, touching the stem.

Next come the petals. Make quite a few.

Fold them down the middle, this will give your sunflower craft more dimension.

Apply glue on one end.

And stick on the yellow circle.

Continue until you make the full circle.

Apply white school glue in the middle (be generous).

And drop a generous amount of sunflower seeds on top of it.

Gently push down the seeds so they stick to the glue better.

Let the glue dry completely.

Sunflower Paper Craft for Kids

Make as many as you want and experiment with other background colors.

Paper Sunflower Craft

We hope you enjoyed making this Paper Sunflower Craft With Seeds.

Paper Sunflower Craft Idea

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