Funky Toilet Paper Roll Owls

I this tutorial we are going to show you how to make some Funky Toilet Paper Roll Owls. The more colors used the more fun they will look.

This craft is great to help you get rid of all scrap paper you have laying around as well as to use up those paper rolls.

Toilet Paper Roll Owl Craft

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We’ve made a brown owl and a pink one, but there really is no limit to colors you can use.

Toilet Paper Roll Owls for Kids

To make the eyes stand out, we used leftover cork – however this can easily be skipped.

Toilet Paper Roll Owls Craft for Kids to Make

How to Make Toilet Paper Roll Owls

What you need:

  • toilet paper roll
  • acrylic color of your choice
  • scissors
  • glue
  • cork
  • color paper
  • white paper
  • circle perforator
  • black liner
  • craft knife
  • brush

Materials Used

Let’s craft!

Step by Step Instructions

Paint over the toilet paper roll with acrylic color. Let it dry.

Step 1
Using the cutting knife, cut two cork circles.

Step 2
Punch a bunch of circles with the circle perforator.

Step 3
Take the toilet paper roll and fold the top.

Step 4

It should look like this.

Step 4-1

Apply some glue on the cork circles and glue them as eyes.

Step 5
Fold each of the paper circles in half, then put some glue and fold the half circle in half again.

You should get a triangle pizza-like shape.

Step 6
Apply some glue over the toilet paper roll …

Step 7

… and start arranging the triangles from the bottom up.

Step 8

Make three or four rows. Use whichever color paper you like.

Step 8-1

Punch two circles with the circle puncher and fold them in half.

Those would be the wings.

Step 9

Glue the wings to the owl’s body.

Step 10
Cut two small circles out of the white paper and glue them on the corks.

Step 11

Take the black liner and draw two eyeballs.

Step 12

Cut a tiny triangle shape out of the color paper and glue it to the face under the eyes.

That will be the nose.

Step 13


Where will you place your owl now?

Toilet Paper Roll Owls Craft for Kids to Make

If you have a yard and a tree with a hole in it, you can put it right there.

Toilet Paper Roll Owls Craft for Kids to Make

Hope you like this project!

See you soon with more owl crafts!

Toilet Paper Roll Owls Craft for Kids to Make


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