Paper Collage Fox Craft – Torn Paper Art Ideas – Mosaic Collage

Paper Collage Fox Craft is a perfect little fall art project for your art class.

It’s a great way to recycle all of that scrap paper from various art and craft projects and a fun and easy way for kids to also learn how to draw a fox.

Paper Collage Fox Craft for Kids

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Foxes are a popular theme in the fall season and mosaic art is a fun project to tackle. You can provide the torn paper to the kids or have them tear it up by themselves, it’s a wonderful process that most kids fully enjoy.

Paper Collage Fox Craft

How to make the Paper Collage Fox Craft 

What you need: 

  • black construction paper (or other)
  • orange paper
  • white paper
  • a little bit of black or brown for the nose
  • eye stickers or googly eyes (or make the eyes out of paper too)
  • glue
  • white chalk 

Step by Step Tutorial

Tear up the paper, both orange and white. Different shapes and sizes are welcome.


You will need quite a bit but you can always add more as you need it.

Draw the fox outline (see the video for detailed drawing). Start with the half circle for the body. Make a triangular head with two triangles for ears on top. Add two arches inside the head. Draw the tail.

Apply glue in one of the sections…

…and fill it with torn paper.

Continue with the next section, until everything is full.

Add the nose and the eyes.

All done! Paper Collage Fox Craft is ready for display.

Fox Paper Collage Craft

Pretty sweet right?

Paper Collage Fox Craft Idea

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