Fox Puppet Printable Template

Who is ready to have puppet time with a fox? This Fox Puppet printable template isn’t just any fox, he’s adorable and fun to play with!

You won’t believe how easy this fox puppet is to put together either. Stay tuned because you and your child are about to have hours of fun!

Printable Fox Puppet Paper Craft for Kids

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When you are able to create your own imaginative play, it’s a great feeling. Kids need to be able to use their imagination during play and this fox puppet makes it possible.

How to Make a Fox Puppet

What you need:

  • printable template
  • markers, crayons, or colored pencils
  • glue
  • scissors


  • orange paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • googly eyes

Step by Step Instructions

The steps to this DIY fox puppet are simple!

You are going to start out by printing out the template.

If you aren’t using the template, then you will follow the same directions, just using the construction paper as the body.

After you have printed out the template, the coloring and the creating can begin.

Make sure you color the extras too!

Start cutting everything out.

Go ahead and fold the puppet body part of the template.

You can fold it by following the dotted lines.

Keeping following the dotted lines!

More dotted line folding.

Go ahead and start gluing on the line that says glue.

Make sure you don’t miss any glue spots.

As you can see the paper will go up and down.

You can start folding it accordion style. Go ahead and slide those cute little fox arms inside of the folded fox.

Now you can start gluing on the ears.

As you can see the puppet is adorable and you can manoeuvre it by sticking 2-4 fingers in the top pocket and your thumb in the bottom pocket.

Now your child can spend hours playing pretend with their puppet. Take turns seeing who can get their best fox puppet voice going.

Printable Fox Puppet

This fox puppet printable template is adorable and really makes for a lot of fun. Kids of all ages can enjoy it!

Printable Fox Puppet Craft

Get the Fox Hand Puppet

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