25+ Wonderful Flower Crafts Ideas for Kids and Parents to Make

We sure do love sharing ideas for flower crafts for kids and think they are great for kids to make all year round! There are many occasions where you can gift homemade / kidmade flowers, they are great for birthdays, special holidays or just to brighten up someone’s day!

From simple flower crafts for preschoolers and toddlers to make, as well as projects for older kids to enjoy too!

A lot of fun flower crafts for kids. Craft ideas and printable designs.

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Be it spring or any other time of the year, flower crafts are fun for kids to make! We absolutely love making them, and have made quite a few already and for all ages too!

There are quite a few easy and quick crafts that focus on fine motor skills and are perfect for older toddlers, preschool and kids in kindergarten.

Lots of projects are suitable for older kids and kids at heart and are great both for classroom work (especially for those holiday themes you want the kids to make keepsakes for their parents) or for crafting at home.

Some of Our Latest Flower Crafts for Kids – Tutorials and Art Ideas

3D Construction Paper Flower Craft

One of our favorite flower crafts  for kids to make, and one that we receive the most photos from our readers is this simple construction paper flower craft.

With simple strips of paper kids as young as preschool can create a wonderful bouquet of flowers.

Paper Flower Craft

Check out how to make flower from craft paper here (regular paper works too)

Flower Heart

Another of our favorites is this heart flower (hands down). You can make this one “freehand” or by using the template we made.

Not only is it insanely adorable, it can also hold a message inside which makes this the best card to give to someone important in your life.

Paper Heart Flower Craft for KidsGrab the template and make your own flower heart.

Wonderful Paper Sunflower

Who loves sunflowers? We do! This flower craft idea for kids to make is perfect for fall.

To make them even cuter, or personalized if you are making a gift for someone, why not print a picture of your kids or students and have their faces shine in the middle of the sunflower. Adorable.

Simple Sunflower Paper Craft for KidsCheck how we made this sunflower craft.

Craft Sticks and Tissue Paper

Next on this list of flower craft projects are these tissue paper flowers.

You can make these in all the colors of the rainbow and even drop a little bit of perfume or oil on them to give them a nice smell.

Tissue Paper Flower Craft for Kids

Grab some tissue paper and make these wonderful flowers.

Yarn Art

Why draw with crayons when you can get creative with yarn. Draw shapes with glue and fill them with yarn.

This project can be adapted for all age groups, you can have toddlers fill in predrawn shapes (even have them use pieces of cloth).

Cute Flower Craft for KidsYarn Art Tutorial

Kid Friendly String Art

Love string art? And your kids are into it too but you feel string isn’t their thing yet? Swap it up with yarn and make this a kid friendlier project.

Flower String Art for Begginers

Yarn Art How to Tutorial

A Bouquet of Flowers

This is a great classroom project for kids that already have good scissor skills. The end result is the most wonderful gift for parent’s or grandparents.

Who wouldn’t like to receive a wonderful bouquet along with a outline of their child’s hands?

Cute Handprint Flower Craft for KidsSee how we made a bouquet of our own

Coloring and Pom Poms

Sometimes you just need a quick and easy crafting idea that can be both set up in no time and be completed without hassle. That’s where these come in, and they come with a template for kids to colour in.

Print the template, have the kids colour in the flowers however they like (we vote for watercolors), cut the flowers out if they are old enough and glue on yellow pom poms.

Sweet Flower Craft for KidsGrab the template here

Paper Plate Flowers – Super Simple Flower Crafts for Preschoolers

Weaving is great for preschoolers and kids in kindergarten so this certainly is a project to give a try. You can make all kinds of flowers.

Woven Paper Plate Flowers

Check out our paper plate flowers

Button Art

If you are a button collector as we are, you are probably on the constant lookout for great button art ideas.

Button Craft Flower CanvasButton Art

Printable Flower Wreaths

Next in line in our list of flower crafts for kids are these wonderful wreaths. Decorate your home or your household with a simple DIY wreath. Print one of these two (and two surprise additional ones) and color with your favorite colors.

Adorable Printable Flower WreathsGrab the printable templates here

Cotton Rounds Calla Lily

Raid your bathroom and the kitchen for supplies for the next project on this list. All you need are a few of cotton swabs and cotton pads and straws (we do prefer paper ones).

Calla Lilly CraftYou can see how we made them here

Leaf Sunflowers

These are a great fall project.

Sunflower Leaf Craft

Leaf Sunflowers

Calla Lily Collage

Calla Lily Paper Craft for KidsCalla Lilly Collage


These little treats are great for teachers to make to surprise their students.

Lollipop FlowersLollipop Flowers

Paper Craft Flowers – Flower Crafts for Kids at Heart

Paper Flower CraftPaper Craft 3D Flowers

Flower Craft Ideas for Kids

Flower Crafts for Kids to Make

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