Printable Sea Animal Puppets (PDF Template)

Printable Sea Animals Puppets

It’s time to play! Let your kids dive deep into the sea with our set of printable sea animal puppets. This collection of ocean animal crafts is perfect to make during the summer break or to add to your lessons about ocean animals any time of the year. Sharks, fish, crab, shrimp, and more are … Read more

How to Draw a Helicopter – Step by Step Drawing Tutorial

Helicopter Directed Drawing Guide

If you think drawing a helicopter is hard, we have great news for you – our how to draw helicopter tutorial makes things super easy. You and your kids will be able to draw this flying machine in no time. Just a few steps, a few pencil strokes (and a dash of color) and you … Read more

Free Printable Months of the Year Coloring Pages

Printable Months of the Year Coloring Sheets

What better way for your child to learn the names of the months than to have them color through these free printable months of the year coloring pages? One coloring page per month, with many fun objects to color in that represent the months as well as the name of the month to color in. … Read more

Printable Dinosaur Puppets (PDF Template)

Printable Dinosaur Puppets

Are your kids ready for the most exciting craft they will be making this year? We just know they will have a blast with these printable dinosaur puppets, as well, as most kids are pretty much in love with dinosaurs. With 10 different dinosaur species, this dinosaur craft really is something else. And we just … Read more

Printable Tiger Coloring Pages – 30 Sheets

Let your kids go on a wild adventure with our printable tiger coloring pages, with many of the designs available as free printables! Roar! We made sure to include a variety of designs so everyone will find just the right sheet to color in, from super simple ones for toddlers and preschoolers to more detailed … Read more