Printable Rose Coloring Pages – 30 Roses Illustrations

Raise your hand if you like roses. We sure do see we are happy to share this gorgeous set of printable roses coloring pages with you! From single roses for coloring to lush bouquets, from simple ones to more detailed realistic rose coloring pages, we have it all.

Grab your red crayons, markers, or coloring pencils (or any other rose color), and start coloring!

Printable Roses Coloring Pages

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Printable Rose Coloring Pages

All flowers are pretty (be sure to check our flower coloring pages, too), but none is as magnificent as the rose. While this delicate flower is complex looking, it can be pretty easy to draw as well, so once your kids or you are done with coloring these, why not try their hand at drawing a rose? It is easy peasy.

Free Printable Rose Coloring Pages

Need some sweet free printable coloring pages of a rose? We are happy to share them with you. Just print and color.

Beautiful Flower

Simple Rose Coloring Page for Kids

A beautiful rose coloring page featuring a single flower. This easy-to-color rose design is perfect for younger kids.

Enchanted Rose in Glass Dome

Under a Glass Dome

Placed inside a gorgeous glass dome display case, these roses will shine when colored.

Rose Caption Coloring Page

Rose Coloring Sheet

This one is for all of those who love to color in letters.

Rose Flowers Coloring Sheet

Rose Flowers Coloring Page

A whimsical rose coloring page with swirling vines and leaves.

Rose Heart Coloring Page

Heart Arrangement of Roses Coloring Page

This one is a little more detailed, but it is oh-so-gorgeous! Color through a rose floral arrangement shaped into a heart.

Rose in Heart Coloring Sheet

Rose Heart

A heart-shaped rose coloring page. This one is ideal for those who want to express their love through coloring.

Roses Coloring Page

Beautiful Roses Coloring Page

Fully bloomed roses, along with some rose buds, make a gorgeous display.

Roses in the Vase

Roses in a Pot

They look great growing out in the open, and they look great when placed in a vase.

Shrub Roses

Growing Roses Coloring Page

Have you ever seen a shrub of roses? They are beyond beautiful.

Rose Close Up

Easy Rose Coloring Page

Imagine taking a close-up photo of a rose – this is what it would look like!

Member Rose Coloring Pages

Want even more printable roses coloring pages? We’ve got 20 more available for members of our Easy Peasy and Fun membership. Join now or log in to your account to get them (along with thousands of other printables). You can preview the whole set below.

Single Rose

Large rose to color

This rose coloring page is perfect for younger kids, with a simple design that includes large, easy-to-color spaces.

Bouquet of Roses coloring page

Bouquet of roses coloring page

A bouquet of roses coloring page featuring multiple roses that can be colored in varying shades of pink and red, ideal for those who love intricate designs.

Simpler bouquet of rose flowers


This rose coloring sheet features a bouquet of beautifully arranged roses and other flowers in full bloom. The intricate details of the petals and leaves make for a challenging but rewarding coloring experience.


Swirly flower

Featuring a stylized flower in the center, surrounded by swirling lines.

Gorgeous display

Flowers in a vase

These gorgeous flowers look amazing wherever you place them.

Growing in a field

Growing in a field

This one is growing and reaching for the sky.

Easy rose coloring page

Easy rose coloring page for preschool

For a more whimsical take on roses, this page is perfect for children or anyone who wants to add a touch of lightheartedness to their coloring.

Elegant design


Simple, yet elegant.

A gift of flowers

A gift of flowers

Let your kids color in this wonderful illustration and gift it to someone that means a whole lot to them.



Another wonderful bouquet is perfect for little hands to color.


Flower in a frame

A simple rosebud in a round frame.

Gorgeous trio

Gorgeous trio

A realistic rose coloring page, showcasing the intricate details of the flower’s petals and thorns, perfect for those who want a challenge.

Single Rose Coloring Page

Single rose coloring page

A single flower that will come to life as soon as your kids color it.

In a vase

Rose coloring sheet

With carefully chosen colors and a bit of shading, this one can become a very life-like image.

Roses to color

Roses to color

Another wonderful illustration with one flower bush with two rose buds.



A cartoon-style roses coloring page, with a cute and playful design, ideal for children or those who enjoy whimsical artwork.



An abstract-looking rose bush will come to life when your kids color it in.

Thorny flower

Thorny flower

These are all great to color once colored they can make a great gift as well.

Single rose coloring sheet

Single rose coloring sheet

A single rose is all it takes for one to fall in love with these beautiful flowers.

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast

Another gorgeous one that will excite fans of the wonderful animated and live film Beauty and the Beast.

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