Printable Flower Wreaths – Simple Spring Craft Idea

We love flowers! And we think they are beautiful all year round. If flowers are not yet blooming around you or if you just prefer them to be in the nature ththese printable flower wreaths are her to brighten up your day.

Just print, cut, color and enjoy!

Gorgeous Printable Flower Wreaths

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So here we are, spring is already knocking on our doors but there aren’t many flowers blooming yet. So it was time for a creative solution.

We designed 4 lovely springy printable flower wreaths that even come with 3D butterflies for that extra dimension. Such a cool spring wreath idea don’t you think? We sure do!

You will find two wreaths right here on our website and two found their home over at Red Ted Art (you’ll find the templates and links to the other set of wreaths at the end of this tutorial).

These wonderful wreaths are so fun as you can really personalize them by coloring them with your favorite colors.

There is one more detailed that adults will enjoy too and one a bit easier suitable for younger kids.

These babies will look wonderful displayed on the wall or hanged to twist and twirl in the air (we recommend you print one wreath two times then and glue it together so you have flowers and butterflies on both sides – so pretty).

Are you a teacher? Grab all 4 spring wreaths and give them to your students to color. Just imagine how wonderful the classroom will look decorated with these wreaths. Or have the kids each make their own and take home to their mother for Mother’s day or to their father for Father’s day.

Lovely Printable Flower Wreaths

Printable Flower Wreaths

Ready to make the wreaths? Let’s do it!

What you need

  • one of the 4 (or all) printable flower wreaths (you’ll find a template at the end of the tutorial).
  • paper – we recommend heaver print paper although regular print paper works well too
  • scissors
  • glue
  • coloring mediums

Watch the Video Tutorial

Or Follow These Step by Step Instructions

Print out our templates.

Bring out your favorite coloring supplies (we are huge fans of Tombow markers and your good old regular coloring pencils).


Color the wreaths and butterflies before cutting them out.

You can naturally color them after too, but it’s way easier to do it beforehand.

Once all is colored, cut out the wreath and butterflies. The small hanging hole on the wreath will be a little bit tricky, but certainly manageable.


Time to make the wreath pop! Take the butterflies and fold their wings upwards.

You can even make them a bit curly by wrapping them around a marker – this will give them a nice curved look.

Apply a small amount of glue on the body of the butterfly (on the bottom side) and pop the butterfly on the wreath.

Use as many butterflies as you want and in whichever sizes you want.

Beautiful Printable Flower Wreaths

Once your wreaths are colored and decorated they are ready to be hanged on a bit of string (or just glued on the surface without string).

Enjoy your Printable Flower Wreaths.

Adorable Printable Flower Wreaths

Get the Template Here

Set 1: Printable Wreaths Flowers

Set 2: hop on over to Red ted Art

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