Cotton Round and Q-Tip Calla Lily Flowers

You can make these beautiful flowers with just a few things from your home, grab some cotton rounds, q-tips, straws and you’ll soon have a wonderful calla lily bouquet in your hands.

This is just one of many fun q-tip crafts you can make (you’ll find more ideas at the end of this post).

Cotton Round and Q-Tip Calla Lily Flowers Craft

Cotton Round and Q-Tip Calla Lily Flowers Craft

What you need?

  • yellow paint
  • glue
  • q-tips
  • green straws
  • cotton rounds

Making the Calla Lily Craft

Dip the q-tips in yellow color and let them dry completely.

Once dry push the uncolored part into the straw, it might get lodged nicely if the size of the straw and q-tip are just right, if not add some glue for these two to stick together.

Place cotton round under the straw with q-tip as showed on the picture. Add some glue to the bottom, now fold one side of the cotton round towards the middle and pinch at the bottom for the glue to set. Add just a bit more glue and fold the other side towards the bottom and pinch for the glue to set (you should now have a calla lilly shape).

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Calla Lilly Craft

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