Toilet Paper Roll Flowers Craft

Celebrate spring with these easy, fun, and colorful toilet paper roll flowers. Transform a regular paper roll into the coolest-looking tulips with just a dab of paint and some cutting.

What makes these paper roll flowers extra cool is the fact that once they are done, they can stand on their own. Once your kids make one, they will want to make a whole floral garden.

Toilet Paper Roll Flower Craft for Kids

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Toilet paper roll crafts really are the best; they are inexpensive, and there are so many fun things you can do with them. If you’re not exactly thrilled at the idea of using a loo roll, you can use kitchen paper towel rolls instead. They are even more fun as their length allows for even more creative ideas.

Toilet Paper Roll Flowers Craft for Kids

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Toilet Paper Roll Flowers Craft

How to Make the Toilet Paper Roll Flowers Craft

What you need:

  • pencil
  • scissors
  • paper roll
  • paint (different colors)
  • paintbrush

Step by Step Tutorial

To start this project, you will require one paper roll (toilet paper roll, kitchen paper towel roll or other).

Step 1

Press the roll down with your hands to flatten it.

Step 2

Draw a flower shape using a pencil on the flattened paper roll.

The sketch needs to go all the way to the edges, with a good portion of the edge (the folded part) intact.

Step 3

Have theme kids cut out the shape.

Check if the flower is in one piece. If your kids cut more than it was needed and the flower isn’t intact, you can always fix this with a little tape.

Step 4

It’s time to paint!

Have the kids use their favorite color – we painted our flower in red.

Step 5

Color the petals in one color. Allow for the paint to dry.

Step 6

Have them color the stem and the leaves with green.

Step 7

The whole flower should be colored to the edges.

Step 8

After the paint dries, have them gently squeeze the flower paper roll to get the 3D shape back.

Don’t forget to color the back aswell.

Step 9

We love how these loo roll flowers turned out!

Paper Roll Flowers Spring Craft

Kids can make a bunch of them in different colors and shapes.

Toilet Paper Roll Flowers Recycled Craft for Kids
Toilet Paper Roll Flowers Craft Idea

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