Sweet Flower Craft – With Pom Poms and Printable Template

Be it spring or summer, flower crafts are always fun to make so today we are sharing this sweet flower craft idea with you.

These flowers made with a printable template, watercolors and a few pom poms can also be a cute kid made Mothers day gift.Adorable Flower Craft for Kids to Make

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If you need a simple and fun flower craft idea these sweet flowers with pom poms to add some texture to them are the way to go! Your kids can go freehand with these or you can use our flower craft printable template to quickly make a bouquet of flowers.

This idea can easily be turned into an art project too, as there are a ton of possibilities when it comes to making the project.

There is a wide array or art and craft materials you can offer the kids for them to design their own flowers which makes this project a wonderful classroom craft too (preschoolers and kids in kindergarten will love making this one, as will school grade children) – we’ll be sharing a few of our ideas in the how to tutorial.

Why only make one flower though? Make a whole bouquet as these will make a wonderful gift for Mothers day, V-day, birthday or any other day where you feel someone will be happy to receive a wonderful flower craft.

Ready to make them? Print out craft template and lets do them!

Sweet Flower Craft for Kids to Make

How to Make a Sweet Flower Craft for Kids

What you need

  • our flower craft printable template (you can grab it at the end of this tutorial)
  • printer
  • heavier print paper
  • watercolors
  • watercolor brush
  • yellow pom poms (our go to place for this is ebay as they have them in huge bulk packs)
  • green paper straws
  • glue
  • clear duct tape

How to make this into an art activity? Offer a variety of coloring mediums (crayons, puffy paint, markers…) and a variety of other mediums (yarn, tissue paper, scrap paper, fabric). Have each kid design their own flower however they see fit (and with whichever colors).

Watch the Video Tutorial

Or Follow These Step by Step Instructions for Sweet Flower Craft

Print our template on heavier print paper (especially if you are using watercolor). Regular paper will work too, if the kids are using crayons or coloring pencils.

The template is at the bottom of this tutorial.

Color the flowers.

We love coloring with watercolors so this was the coloring medium of our choice.

Let the colors dry a bit before you continue.

Cut the flowers out.

Apply a generous amount of glue on the flower disk.

White school glue works out great, but we also tried it with glue sticks and it did a decent job too.

Place the yellow pom poms on the flower disk.

Once you have them all there, press them down with your palm to really allow the glue to stick to them. Let the glue dry.

Take a green paper straw. Cut a piece of clear tape.

Glue the paper straw with the clear tape on the back of the flower.

All done your sweet flower craft is ready to be given to someone special.

Sweet Flower Craft for Kids

Cute Flower Craft

Get the Sweet Flower Craft Template Here

Flower Craft Template

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