Paper Plate Flower Weaving

Come on spring! We really can’t wait and if you too can’t wait for the flowers to start blooming try this paper plate flower weaving activity. This easy craft was inspired by a paper plate weaving project from Red Ted Art but we decided to make it a bit differently.

Woven Paper Plate Flowers

Simple at first glance but this spring inspired activity can have a twist to it that even requires some problem solving!

The weaving process is simple – the thread going under and across flower petals. Which is all great if your paper flower has a odd number of petals – this way kids will just weave their way round and round going across and under for as long as they like.

Now if the number of petals is even (which is the case more often than not) then things get a bit tricky as if you go “under and across” once you come back to the first petal and are ready to start weaving the second round you’ll see the thread goes under the same (as well as across) petals as in the first woven circle. Now kids will either have to make a loop around one petal or change direction (making half a loop) to continue weaving. You can let them figure out “the solution” by themselves. This will make this paper plate flower weaving activity even more fun (and creative).

Paper Plate Flower Weaving


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