Thank You for Helping Me Grow Craft for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day crafts don’t have to be complicated. This sweet folding Thank you for Helping Me Grow Mother’s Day card craft looks great, but the making of it is easy peasy and perfect for kids of all ages to do either at home or in the classroom.

If you are looking for a last-minute personalized Mother’s Day craft to make with your kids in the classroom (the key here being no-prep), this one is a winner. 

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What makes this card special is the words that kids write inside.

Flower Pot Thank You for Helping Me Grow Mothers Day Craft

There are four leaves inside the card where kids are asked to write a couple of adjectives that describe their mom.

Thankful Flower Pot Mothers Day Craft

How to Make the Thank You for Helping Me Grow Craft for Mother’s Day

What you need:

Step by Step Tutorial

Start by printing the Mother’s Day thank you card template. We recommend heavier print paper, but regular print paper works as well.

Step 1

Have kids write words that describe their mom on the leaves of the flower.

Step 2

Next comes the coloring.

Crayons, markers, or colored pencils are all great to use.

Step 3

You can ask the kids to color the plant and pot with colors that their mom loves the most.

Step 4

You can have them color the background or leave it white.

Step 5

There are two versions of this card included, one with the text “Thank you for helping me grow” printed on the pot and one with a blank space for kids to add their own notes.

Step 6

Cut out the template.

Step 7

Make folds along the dashed lines.

Step 8

Have the kids run their fingers across the folds to make them sharper.

Step 9

With the card complete, kids can present their beautiful Mother’s Day thank you card to their moms on their special day.

Step 11

Enjoy creating this meaningful and creative Mother’s Day craft together with your little ones!

Flower Pot Craft for Mothers Day

We hope it brings joy and a sense of appreciation for all the wonderful moms out there.

DIY Thank You Mom Card

Easy peasy, and fun!

Cute Flower Pot Craft for Mothers Day

Happy Mother’s Day, and enjoy making this beautiful card as a family!

DIY Mothers Day Flower Pot Card

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