Tissue Paper Flower Craft

You can make a wonderful flower bouquet by making this tissue paper flower craft.

We do love our pink tones but there really are no limits.
Colorful Tissue Paper Flower Craft for Kids to Make

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Can there ever be too many flower craft ideas? I think now and I love making all kinds of them (do check our other ideas, you will find them at the bottom of this post).

These craft stick tissue paper flowers will make the most wonderful display in the classroom as well as a thoughtful kid made gift for Mother’s day (and Father’s day – we all love flowers don’t we).

You could even stick them into a small pot, they would be even prettier that way. Add a little note and you have a winner.

Tissue Paper Flower Craft for Kids to Make

Tissue Paper Flower Craft

What you need:

Bright pink, light pink, and white tissue paper
3″ and 2″ scalloped circle cookie cutter
Wavy Craft sticks
Teal green craft paint
Elmer’s glue

Paint each craft stick with your teal green craft paint and let dry (they dry quickly with one coat)

Fold your tissue paper so it is about 10 sheets thick, place your cookie cutters on top, and trace it with a pen/pencil.

Hold your tissue paper together and cut all 10 pieces together.

Take your pen/pencil piece off and staple the 9 other pieces together.

One piece at a time, start bunching the top piece first and continue until you reach the bottom but leave the bottom flat.


Glue one flower to the top of each green craft stick and let dry.

Tissue Paper Flower Craft for Kids

Colorful Tissue Paper Flower Craft

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