Sweet Lollipop Flowers

So I do think it’s OK to be just a little bit cheesy here and there… Thus a bouquet of lollipop flowers to give to all that special people in our lives, a sweat treat with a fun twist.

This one is just in time for Valentine’s day but it’s a DIY gift that will be appreciated all year round

Super Simple Lollipop Flowers

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I’ve stumbled upon the lovely lollipop hearts on Pinterest and though they were adorable,  but I wanted to make something that naturally works for Valentines day but that would also step away from the heart theme – hence flowers, but I have quite a few other fun ideas in my mind, just need to find the right lollipops.

Sweet Lollipop Flowers

What you need:

  • lollipops – I got mine in the local store, totally loving these emoji smile lollies though
  • red, yellow and green paper
  • glue, scissors
  • scallop paper punch (optional, I’m using a 2 inch one, if you’re using larger lollipops a larger one would be needed)

Making the Flowers

With scallop punch, punch the yellow paper (as many times as you need the flowers). Find a round object bigger than these scallop circles (I used a medium glass jar) and trace it on red paper. With pencil draw a flower shape within the circle. Fold the red paper a few times so you’ll be making more flowers at once and start cutting the flower shape. Glue the yellow circle onto the red flower shape.


Cut a strip of green paper in the same width as are the lollipop sticks and wrap it around the stick, adding glue as you go. Cut a leaf shape from the green paper and glue it on the paper wrapped stick.

Now glue the lollipop on the flower part, I used packaging tape as it makes it a whole lot easier to remove the lollipop.

Adorable Lollipop Flowers

Enjoy your lollipop flowers! I hope you’ll make a whole bouquet and spread the love!

Lollipop Flowers

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