25+ Easter Bunny Crafts for the Whole Family

From super easy Easter bunny crafts toddlers can make, to interesting projects that will easily entertain older kids, you will find it all. For most of these ideas, all you need is paper glue and scissors. There are also many printable Easter bunny crafts templates included on this list.

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Easter Bunny Crafts – Ideas for the Whole Family

Ready to explore some fun ideas? Here they are. Also, be sure to check out tutorial on how to draw a bunny as well as print these Easter coloring pages. Want more than just bunnies? Check out our collection of Easter craft ideas for kids.

Easy Paper Easter Bunny Craft

Cute Paper Bunny Craft for Kids

This one is one of our favorite ideas ever. This paper strip craft is super easy to make and you can even string mutiple bunnies and create the coolest Easter garladn out of them. Perfect as a classroom activity.

Easter Corner Bookmarks

Easter Corner Bookmarks With Template

Fun-looking bookmarks are great for encouraging reading. Print out our Easter bunny craft template (as well as the chick one) to create the most fun-looking bookmarks ever.

Handprint Art

Handprint Bunny Art

Hands and fingers make the most wonderful and fun brushes. Your kids can create all kinds of art using their hands.

Printable Cootie Catchers

Printable Easter Cootie Catchers

Remember playing with cootie catchers (or fortune tellers)? We gave this classic toy a modern twist as we transformed them into cootie catcher character puppets.

Chick and Bunny Clothespin Puppets

Clothespin Easter Puppets Printable

Clothespin puppets are a huge hit with kids young and old.

Bunny Butt Paper Plate Craft

Bunny But Paper Plate Craft for Kids

There is nothing more fun than making bunny but crafts. Paper plates are a perfect craft supplu to do just that. This is yet another project that can be done in the classroom for the coolest bulletin board display ever.

Treat Bag

DIY Paper Bag Bunny Craft

Want to make something youself to surprise the kids? These treat bags are super easy to make and are just the thing for this holyday.

Paper Rosette

Paper Rosette Bunny Craft

Making paper rosettes is a great activity for older kids as they do require a little bit more skilled hands. Add just a few decorations and you can transform an ordinary paper rosette into an animal.

Printable Rabbit and Chick Puppets

Printable Easter Puppets for Kids

Paper puppets are the best boredom busters. These paper puppets are insanely easy to make, with or without a printable template.

Doily Bunny Craft

Doily Bunny Craft for Kids

Paper doiles are pretty on their own, but with just a little imagination your kids can transform them into many animals, rabbit included.

Easter Bunny Card

Easter Bunny Card for Kids

Want to make a card that really stands out? This is it!

Origami Bunny Tutorial

Origami Bunny Craft

Origiami is a wonderful activity to work on fine motor skill and patience. This Easter bunny origami is a great project for beginners when it comes to origami as it only takes a few easy to follow steps to make one of our own. You can use our template or draw in the details on your own.

Rocking Paper Plate Easter Bunny Crafts

Rocking Paper Plate Bunny Craft Idea

It’s time to rock! Paper plates are great for crafting, and you don’t need to limit youself just to circle shapes. Just a couple folds and a dab of glue (or a stapler) and you can make fun crafts that rock from side to side.

Heart Shaped Bunny Craft

Heart Bunny Craft

Share a little love with these adorable heart shaped Easter bunnies. What’s even cooler is that this craft is actually a card, so you can include a special note inside it.

Cotton Ball Bunny Craft

Cotton Ball Bunny Craft for Kids

Love persionalized crafts with photographs? These cotton ball photo bunnies are the sweetest thing ever.

Fun Paper Toy

Easter Egg Paper Toy for Kids

While this one isn’t strictly an Easter bunny craft as it featues other animals as well, it’s one of the most fun ones. Once assembled it’s a cool little paper toy kids can play with over and over again.

Easter Bunny Corner Bookmark

Cute Easter Bunny Corner Bookmark

Origami corner bookmarks are one of the most fun projects you can make. It’s a great origami for beginners and with just a little bit of extra paper you can turn your corner bookmark into a fun character. This tutorial will show you how to make a bunny one, but we have a ton of other design ideas as well.

Printable Easter Bunny Silhouette Craft

Cute Printable Easter Silhouette

Silhouete art is really something else. You can use paper strips, torn paper, crayons, pencils or any other medium to color the background layer and then cover it with a silhouette of this adorable animal (tail included).

Paper Bunny Craft

Easy Easter Craft - Paper Bunny

Simple crafts are the best! This Easter bunny craft idea requires just a few strips of paper and optional googly eyes to make.

Movable Ears Paper Toy

Movable Ears Bunny Craft for Kids

Older kids will love making this paper toy. Pull the paper strips and the ears will wiggle. Pretty sweet, right? It is a bit more advanced project so it is not suitable for younger kids if you want them to make this independently (but with help they will be able to).

Surprise Cards

Surprise Easter Egg Cards Bunny Craft

Surprise cards make the cootest little surprise ever. Fold them together and all you see is the decorated Easter egg, unfold them and you will see a hidden bunny. Super easy to make!

Surprise Egg

Surprise Easter Eggs Craft for Kids

Another type of surprsise egg crafts. This template includes both the chick and the bunny.

Hidden Message Easter Card

Hidden Message Easter Card Idea

We do love creating greeting cards for all kind of ocassions, and Easter is no different. If the cards come with an extra twist like this hidden message card does, it is even better.

Easter Bunny Paper Card

DIY Easter Bunny Paper Craft

Time to bring out all of your scrapbooking paper, old magazines or even paper commercials – whatever has colors or patterns works great for making the pants for this Easter bunny craft.

Movable Easter Bunny Paper Doll

Movable Easter Bunny Puppet Craft

Pull the string and the ears will move up and down. This printable Easter bunny craft template is great for kids to make or for you to make for the kids and add to story time.

Papier Mache

Papier Mache Bunny Easter Crafts

If you or your kids enjoy papier mache technique, then this project is for you.

Paper Cone Bunny Craft

Paper Cone Craft for Kids to Make

A perfect craft to place on the shelf.

Peek a Boo Carrots

DIY Paper Bunny in Carrot Easter Craft

While most of the time carrots get eaten, this projects has a different twist.

Rabbit and Chick Stick Puppets

Craft Stick Easter Puppets

Want to make cute little puppets for story time? Grab a pair of craft sticks, pipe cleaners, paper scissors and glue.

More bookmarks

Printable Easter Corner Bookmarks Craft for Kids

There is no such thing as having too many bookmark ideas.


Easter Agamograph Template for Kids to Make

If you have never made an agamograph with your kids, you are missing out! These are imense fun and kids are always thrilled when they figure them out.

Paper Rings

Cute Printable Easter Paper Rings

Sometimes you just need a fancy looking ring to feel better. Why not make one on your own.

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