Easter Cootie Catchers – Bunny and Chick Origami for Kids

We have a new set of fortune tellers to share with you again, this time we are sharing two bunnies and a chick in this printable Easter cootie catcher set.

If you haven’t already played with this origami project (perfect for kids and beginners) you just have to give them a try, they are really easy to make and kids can play with them once they are done. Great for story time too.
Cute Printable Easter Cootie Catchers

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Easter Cootie Catchers – Printable Fortune Tellers

What you need?

  • our printable templates
  • scissors
  • glue
  • printer
  • paper

We just love making and playing with these. They are the best! And if you are a fan of origami and want to get your kids into this cool art, we can’t think of a better project to start with.

These cuties can be used in many different ways during Easter (or any time really). Setting up an Easter hunt? Why not have the kids search for these? Certainly healthier than candy.

Need a fun Easter classroom project? These are your friends :).

Check the Video Tutorial


Or Follow These Step by Step Instructions

Start by cutting out the templates. We are showing you how to make the pink bunny – you will also find a blue bunny that is made in the same way and a chick.

We used regular print paper to make these.

Fold the square in half, as shown on the photo bellow. Unfold and fold in half again on the other side. This will make folding this cootie catcher easier.

Position the paper so that the white side of the paper is facing towards you.  Start folding the corners towards the middle as shown on the image bellow.

Fold all for corners.

Flip the soon to be Easter cootie catcher so that the white side is again faced towards you. Fold the corners towards the middle again.

Repeat with all 4 corners.

Fold in half – the side that was facing towards you is on the inside.

There should be four small squares that are formed and are open at the corners. With your fingers, pull these outwards, and the center should fold inwards a bit. You should now get a cootie catcher shape.

Cut the eats and the paws. Use glue stick and glue them onto right places.

Your cootie catcher is now complete! Add a blue bunny and a chick and you have a lovely set of Easter cootie catchers!


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Easter Cootie Catcher Templates

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