Easter Corner Bookmarks – Bunny And Chick Template

A fan of corner bookmarks? We have a special Easter corner bookmarks set ready for you! We are huge fans of origami bookmakrs here but sometimes you just need a cute looking alternative that just needs some cutting and a bit of glue (so more liki kirigami paper craft).

This set features a lovely little chick and a Easter bunny, fun designs don’t you think? Perfect non-candy basket filler.

Printable Easter Corner Bookmarks

Easter is almost upon us so it’s time to start planning all the Eastery project you or your kids will do.

If you have an avid reader in your home, or trying to “grow” one, making your own bookmarks is always a good activity for them.

We are pretty sure books become way more interesting if they are accompanied with a cute looking bookmark, even more so if kids make their own.

These also have a bit of a 3D effect to them so if you squish them gently their heads will move back and forth. How cool is that?

We have designed two adorable corner bookmakrs, one little chick and one little bunny for kids to first color and then fold together.

They can be printed on color paper or white paper, whichever works best (white paper naturally allows for more coloring and personalization).

These would make a great classroom project for kids to make and take home with. Ready to make these cutie pies? Let’s do them!

Easter Corner Bookmarks (Template included)

What you need:

  • our printable template for chick and bunny (you can find it at the end of this tutorial).
  • paper (white or blue/pink and yellow)
  • markers for coloring
  • scissors
  • glue

We prepared both video tutorial and steps with pictures

Watch the Video Tutorial

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Or Follow These Step by Step Folding Instructions

Folding these corner bookmarks is easy peasy! First print the templates – bunny or chick or both.

We decided to print them on colored paper, bright yellow for the chick and pastel blue for the bunny. The only downside to the colored paper is that the inside of the eyes won’t be white (unless you have a white marker that is.


Color in the details. The beak and the legs of the chick and the paws, ears and nose of the bunny.

We went with orange, naturally, for chick legs and beak and pink for bunny paws, ears and nose.



Once everything is colored, carefully cut out the corner bookmark template.

Cut along the outline. Also cut the head circle (with the chick bookmark you can also cut the blank circle to decorate how ever you wish). Cut the feet out too.



Also cut along the dashed lines in the head part.



Fold into along the lines that also have the wings (or bunny hands).

Fold just one side for now.



Cut the wings. Now this part is just a little tricky. But bare with us.

With the corner bookmark half folded cut just a little bit along the dashed line for the wing.



Unfold the wing. There should be just enough space to wiggle the scissors in and cut along the dashed line for the wing.

Cut along the dashed line all around the wing.

Repeat with the other side.


Now fold the corner bookmark.

Slide the two circles together (through the dashed line you previously cut).

This is how your bookmark should be looking right now.

Glue the circle with the head onto the circle on the bookmark.

Press down and allow the glue to dry.

Also glue the legs to the chick bookmark.

All done!

Now repeat the process with the bunny and your set of Easter corner bookmarks is done.

Easter Corner Bookmarks Template

Grab the template here: Easter Bunny and Chick Corner Bookmark Templates

Easter Corner Bookmarks Craft

Easter Corner Bookmarks Craft for Kids

Printable Easter Corner Bookmarks Craft for Kids

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