Peek a Boo Bunny in Carrot Paper Craft

We’ve got an easy craft you can make with your kids for Easter. Bunny in Carrot Paper Craft is perfect for kindergartners and older kids.

We’re sure it will bring a bunch of smiles to their faces.

Bunny in Carrot Paper Craft

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When Easter is approaching, we are so happy. We really love making Easter Crafts. They are so invigorating, bringing us so much joy.

You can learn How to Draw a Bunny and incorporate your own one into this craft. After your carrots are done, you can enjoy our Easter Counting Coloring Pages.

Rabbit in Carrot Paper Craft

We are playing with split pins lately.

We found a way to use them in this craft today – we hid the Easter bunny inside the carrot, and when you open the carrot, the bunny peeks out holding a bunch of Easter eggs.

DIY Easter Bunny in Carrot Paper Craft

It is an adorable craft.

Bet you like to join us in crafting this project today, so grab your tools, and let’s go!

How to Make This Bunny in Carrot Paper Craft

What you need:

  • orange cardstock
  • pale orange color paper
  • green color paper
  • split pin
  • glue
  • scissors
  • circle puncher
  • ruler with circle shapes
  • pencil
  • white paper
  • light blue paper
  • washi tapes
  • black marker
  • white marker or white gel pen or white pencil (optional, if you like to give the carrot some texture at the end)

Materials Used

Step by Step Tutorial

The Carrot

On the orange cardstock, draw a carrot. We provided dimensions so you can see approximately how big it is.

Step 1
Cut out the carrot.

Step 2
Punch a circle on the carrot (the circle should start approximately 3 cm apart from the carrot top).

Step 3
Draw a bigger circle than the one that you already punched. This bigger one has a 4,4 cm diameter. We used the ruler with circle shapes to draw it.

Step 4
Cut out the circle.

Step 5The Mechanism

This circle should be big enough to cover the carrot hole and have enough free space to push a split pin through the top of it.

Now push a split pin through the top of the circle and then through the carrot.

Step 6
Split the ends of the pin, so the circle stays attached to the carrot.

Step 7-0
If you want to make this other carrot you see in the picture, divide it into two parts and push the split pin through one side of the carrot as shown.

That way, it will open on the side.

Step 7The Carrot Leaves

Draw three carrot leaves on the green color paper.

Step 8
Cut them out.

Step 9
Arrange the leaves as we did in this picture and glue them together.

Step 10
Then glue the leaves on the carrot.

Step 11
This is how the back part of the carrot should look like.

Step 12
Now draw a 4,4 cm diameter circle on the pale orange color paper.

Step 13
Cut it out.

Step 14
Apply some glue on the backside of the carrot, around the punched circle hole, but only on the top of it and its sides.

Leave the bottom part of the punched circle hole glue-free.

Step 15
Attach the pale orange circle on.

Step 16

Do you notice the glue-free part in this picture? Did you do the same?

Step 17
Ok, so this is how both of the carrots should look like by now.

Step 18The Bunny

Draw a bunny on the light blue color paper.

You notice that we also drew a vertical stripe at the bottom of the bunny.

This stripe will help to connect the bunny to the carrot.

Step 19

Outline the bunny with the black marker.

Step 20
Cut it out.

Step 20-1

Draw two tiny bunny eyes and cut them out.

Step 21
Attach the eyes to the bunny.

Step 22
Glue the bunny inside the carrot.

Make sure you do not apply glue to the stripe yet. We will do that later.

Step 23

Take the washi tapes and cut a few tiny eggs.

Step 24

Glue the eggs inside the carrot, too, covering part of the bunny.

Step 25
Apply some glue on the light blue stripe now and glue it to the carrot.

Step 26
If you want your carrot to look even prettier, you can add texture to it with a white marker, a white gel pen or a white pencil, or even a black marker.

Step 26-1

This step is optional; you can leave the carrot-like it is if you decide to.

Step 27Now open your carrots.

Step 27-1


Eeaster Bunny in Carrot Paper Craft
Happy Easter!

Paper Bunny in Carrot Easter Craft

We hope you love this craft.

Paper Easter Carrot and Bunny Craft

It is so amusing for us, and it is definitely one of our favorites!

DIY Paper Bunny in Carrot Easter Craft

Aren’t they cute?

DIY Bunny in Carrot Paper Craft

Have fun crafting!

Bunny in Carrot Paper Craft Idea

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Bunny in Carrot Paper Craft

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