Easter Craft Stick Puppets

This simple craft is just in time for holidays and once your kids are done making these Easter craft stick puppets they will be able to play with them which doubles the fun!

Craft Stick Easter Puppets

We’re making both bunny and little chick, so you have just the duo to have striking conversations with one another.

Easter Craft Stick Puppets - Chick and Bunny

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Easter Craft Stick Puppets

What you need

  • craft sticks
  • white and yellow pipe cleaners
  • yellow and white construction paper
  • yellow and white paint
  • googly eyes
  • markers
  • scissors
  • glue

Start by coloring the craft stick. Let them dry.

While they dry cut the head shapes, round one from yellow construction paper for chick (I used washy tape roll for circle template) and white circle with ears for the bunny.

Draw (or glue) the beak, nose and ears. Stick on a pair of googly eyes (or draw them).

Making the craft stick puppet

Once the paint on craft sticks is dry, place it at the centre of the pipe cleaner. Start wrapping the pipe cleaners around them, twisting them on the back side of the craft stick, to make them more “secure” – you can also add a dab of glue).

When you’re half way through, make the wings by making the loop, as shown on the image above, twisting it a few times at the bottom of the loop (near the craft stick). Continue wrapping the pipe cleaner until you are done (or cut it if it’s too long). Tuck the loose end under the wrapped pipe cleaner (a dab of glue is welcome).

Little Chick Puppet Craft

Stick on the head (glue stick is perfect) and you have your Easter craft stick puppets.

Craft Stick Easter Puppets


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