Cotton Ball Bunny Craft – DIY Easter Card

Ready for the cutest Easter project of this season? This adorable cotton ball bunny craft is the coolest DIY Easter card you can make.

It’s fluffy, it’s adorable and with a picture of the child’s face (or drawing) a super personal card too.

Cotton Ball Bunny Craft for Kids With Printable Template

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It’s time to start making Easter crafts and you can’t go wrong with this easy bunny craft. This is a great classroom project as it makes a cool DIY gift for parents. Kids can either use cotton balls to fill up their bunny card or tissue paper (rolled in little balls) – either way it’s a great fine motor practice.

Cotton Ball Bunny Craft

How to Make a Cotton Ball Bunny Craft – Easter Card

What you need:

  • our printable template (optional)
  • heavier print paper
  • coloring supplies
  • head shot photo
  • scissors
  • glue
  • cotton balls or tissue paper

Step by Step Instructions

Print out the template. Heavier print paper is best for card making.

Color in the ears. Any Eastery pastel color works great (although we think pink and baby blue look the best).

Cut out the bunny card outline and the inner ear parts.

Fold in half – along the dashed line.

Apply glue in the area designated for the photo (or on the photo)…

… and stick a photo on the bunny card.

Apply white school glue (this one works best) on the eras and around the photo (not all surface at the same time).

Stick on cotton balls, add more glue as you go if needed. If working with regular sized cotton balls you will need to pull them apart to get smaller cotton balls (you can roll them between your hands to shape them).

Glue the cotton balls all around the photo and on the ears, until the template is fully fluffy.

Apply glue on the inner sides of the ears and stick them on the ears.

Let the glue dry before you write in your special message.

Adorable Cotton Ball Bunny Craft for Kids

Isn’t this the cutest DIY Easter card ever?

Cotton Ball Bunny Craft for Kids

Guaranteed to bring smiles on faces.

Cotton Ball Bunny Craft Idea

Get the Cotton Ball Bunny Craft Template

Bunny Card Template

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