Movable Bunny Paper Toy

We’ve go another amazing Easter project ready for you – let’s make a movable bunny paper toy.

When you pull the paper strip “strings” this little fellow will start moving his ears. How fun is that?

Movable Ears Bunny Easter Craft for Kids

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We love it when crafts have that extra wow factor and that is certainly something this Easter craft has.

How to Make a Movable Bunny Paper Toy

What you need:

Step by Step Instructions

Print out our template. We recommend you print it on cardstock as regular paper won’t be best for holding the shape of this paper toy.

The first thing we’ll be doing is the coloring. Color the inside of the ears, the nose, the inside of the feet and the tail. Or the whole bunny if you so wish.

Grab the scissors…

…and cut out all the pieces of the template.

Fold along the dashed lines.

Let’s make the body first. Make folds along all dashed lines…

Apply glue on the rectangle with the word glue in it.

Glue the ends together, forming a “box”.

Take the small paper strip and apply glue on one end.

Glue the ends together, forming a loop.

Glue the paper loop on the body, in the square with the word glue in it.

Stick the bunny nose on top of the paper loop.

Stick a pair of feet on the body.

Next come the ears. If you haven’t yet made folds along the dashed line, now is the time.

Apply glue on the “flap” above the bunny’s body and stick the ear on top of it.

Repeat with the other ear.

Take one of the long paper strips. Apply the glue on the small rectangle with the word glue in it.

Now stick this part on the end of the ear.

Tuck the other, unglued end, inside the bunny’s body.

Repeat with the other ear.

Movable Ears Bunny Craft for Kids

All done! Now pull and push the paper strips and watch the bunny move it’s ears.

Movable Ears Bunny Craft

Get the Movable Bunny Paper Toy

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