Moon Paper Plate Craft for Kids

We do love a good paper plate craft and this Moon Paper Plate Craft for Kids is certainly a pretty one. This one is best suited for kids a bit older, kindergarten and beyond, as it requires good cutting skills.    *this post contains affiliate links* This is such a great project to do with your kids … Read more

Paper Plate Ladybug Craft

Simple Paper Plate Ladybug Craft for Kids

This paper plate ladybug craft is ready to fly! With it’s movable wings kids are trully going to love making this project and it’s easy peasy. You can make this as a spring craft or a Valentine’s day craft if you add a heart or two. *this post contains affiliate links* Paper plate creatures are … Read more

Rocking Paper Plate Christmas Tree

Rocking Paper Plate Christmas Tree Craft Idea

Make a festive rocking paper plate Christmas tree craft, a nice little tree that can be placed on a table or a shelf as you really can’t have too many Christmas trees! *this post contains affiliate links* Christmas paper plate crafts are great to make both in the classroom or at home, frugal and fun … Read more

Rocking Paper Plate Angel

Rocking Paper Plate Angel Craft

Time to rock another paper plate craft to make with your kids, let’s make a rocking paper plate angel. Angles are lovely little creatures, they can be made all year round, but are most popular just around Christmas time. *this post contains affiliate links* This rocking paper plate craft is a nice addition to our … Read more

Rocking Paper Plate Reindeer

Rocking Paper Plate Reindeer Craft

Time for another simple and fun rocking paper plate reindeer craft! This one proudly joins our collection of Christmas paper plate craft ideas, both rocking and the more regular kind. *this post contains affiliate links* Let’s make a bunch of wobbling paper plate reindeer to help Santa with the delivery of all the Christmas gifts. … Read more