Swirly Lion Craft for Kids

Swirly Paper Lion Craft

They say March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, so we think this swirly lion craft for kids is perfect for the start of this month! With just a few paper strips, your kids will be giving this lion a magnificent-looking mane. It’s a fun project to make in the classroom or at home, as it can easily be … Read more

Printable Cake Coloring Pages – Lots of Free Sheets

Cake Coloring Sheets

Join us in a delightful world of sweetness and creativity! We’re inviting you on a delicious coloring adventure with our printable cake coloring pages, perfect for kids of all ages. Many of these tasty-looking designs are available as free printables, just print and color. And what is best, you can use them throughout the whole … Read more

How to Make a 3D Birthday Cake Card

3D Birthday Cake Card

Make someone’s birthday special – learn how to make a 3D birthday cake card and create the most fun DIY birthday card ever! This project is perfect both for kids and grown-ups as the card is really easy to make and looks amazing. *This post contains affiliate links* We enjoy fresh craft ideas for kids, … Read more

How to Draw an Airplane – Step by Step Drawing Tutorial

Airplane Directed Drawing Guide

Drawing a plane may seem like a complex task, but fear not—our easy-to-follow how to draw an airplane instructions will help you navigate the artistic skies with confidence. Follow the steps and bring these magnificent flying machines to life on your canvas. So, buckle up, have your kids or yourself grab a pencil, and let’s … Read more

Printable Airplane Coloring Pages – Lots of Free Sheets

Let your kids imagination soar through the sky with our fun collection of printable airplane coloring pages. We have a whole bunch of them ready for you, many available as free printables for your kids to enjoy. So, are you ready? Let your kids grab their crayons and markers (be sure to have lots of … Read more